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So, like a bigger city, we'd do Saturday Sunday. How would you so you, you had an RV? We didn't start with an RV no. And, and I can quit material. It was way too. Heavy from Jeep didn't do that kind of racist. Stay in hotels, Airbnb. Okay. It's hard to find what the two hundred and twenty pound dog. Wow. I haven't even thought about that. Yeah. And, and we stayed, and then eventually we, we just got tired of moving our stuff, not just in and out of people's houses for these events and out of different Airbnb is all the time. It was just the, the level of grounded. Nece was. We had a sense of a home, you know, like our little spot. We always had to set up our spot in somebody else's place, and then break it down clean it up. And then dope, packing event set up an event break and nothing was hours. And that's not to have a sense of home for like someone in recovery. Was that nomadic lifestyle helpful for you to be so busy to be so on the go, or was it like stressful where you are, like, what was that? Like for you. Mentally. I mean, the the place I was in, like I made danika Emma higher power. Right. So she keeping her and what she wanted to do in her life in that spot secured my my safety, like my my security. My everything was her all of a sudden, and I thought that was okay. And so, I mean it was hard, you, you go from being super connected Roman, the have accountability, and you have a circle and you have this process and you have a routine, and then just to essentially, I gotta resentment, and then I said, you know, screw it. I'm going to go with her. And she became a higher power into the so she was my program. What's the resentment? Resentment. I don't know how to really define it other than like I'm upset or angry at somebody for something, you know. So I said, you know, scream out in never having to look at myself for that, you know, it's your fault not mine. Right. And escape. Yeah. Resentment. How did that feel for you? Did you feel that he kind of put you there as that higher power? So all of this, we've mentioned moved into the an RV we've got an RV, and then we spent the, the next seven months living in RV together, which we actually loved..

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