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Popcorn a box of it. This is Mike Rosen at the movies on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Welcome back to Mike Rosen at the movies. I'm Laurie Lynn Barker in for Mike and along with Christian TOTO and we've been talking about the phenomenon called net flicks. So we're gonna talk about the dairy girls telling about the dairy girls. Yeah. It's a story set in the nineteen nineties at a an Irish school. It's about a bunch of precocious Irish teenagers all women except for one little town for fellow and it's all about their misadventures their banter, they're kind of sexual cravings and their miss misbehavior. And it's charming, and it's sweet, and it's goofy. And it's a little salty. And it's really addictive. It's only six episodes. We've got one season. The new season's coming March overseas. I don't know how long it will take before. A Netflix gets it. I suspect they may speed up the process, I think they will too. I think that's what they did with the great British baking show. Yes. I think demand is big now here. So I think they're gonna get it. Here's quickly as possible. We shall see. But yeah, I thought it was charming. This is up a writers regularly some guillano her stuff. But this is her vision. It's loosely based on some of her experiences. I didn't realize. Yeah. And it just feels authentic. It feels raw in real. And it's funny and the actresses are terrific. They're very interesting, and they're kind of embodying certain stereotypes, but doesn't feel stereotypical. It feels fresh. The first episode. They decide they're going to they're going to beef up their uniforms because they go to Catholic school, and they all have Jean jackets on will. Then then one of them the the mother says that she can't wear them. So none of them were except for the one girl. She's like what happened to the jacket, and they're like, we're not wearing she's well, I'm not going to wear them. I'm not going to be the only one being an individual, which I'd love that's really cute lie. Lot of it is set in Ireland. These people have heavy Irish brogue. The complaint that I've seen online is that it's kind of hard to understands understandable. Honestly, I put on these subtitles. You need to reveal your hand Christian. Right. And by the way, there's a little bit of kind of the local politics that troubles this sort of the bombing. And so it's I think it's woven pretty effectively into the storytelling. Well, and they addressed that in the first episode or be the second episode where the soldiers come on the bus. Yeah. Yeah. So it's Cussing. Yeah. Exactly. Because they're little. They're good Catholic girls. Have you gotten to the end of it? No. I have not. Oh, well, I'm going to see if the caller that we have with us. Okay. Has gotten to the end. Dave are you with us? I am. And I watched the whole bag. I'm thinking one day. Oh, it's only a half hour long in six episodes. So it's certainly doable for us kind of bingeing nation. So right, absolutely. I'm so conflicted on this show because like I don't know that I've seen a confederate see of on this level since like I Tanya. Only one character who's completely likable, which is the husband. But even though it's a show about dumb people doing dumb things haven't helped me. I love this thing. Isn't it cute by owning how goofy these characters not just the girls, but their families are I'm not spoiling a darn thing for the show now, it's downright magical by by showing how goofy everyone can be. And having it be so excellently executed with the writing and the acting. It goes from just being dumb people to being incredibly endearing you can't help. But root for news girls to make it and make it happen. And the plan's gonna work out. Even though it never happened. Never happened. No matter what they do a couple of points. You're only six episodes at short even if even British series may go a little bit longer than that also the production. I think this was in early two thousand eighteen it came out. So they're taking their sweet time to make new episodes, which suggests that there the creative process is lengthy and elaborate, and I think it's why it it show. When you watch it 'cause it's so crisp and the banter is so quick and everything about is very tight. There's no boring moments has no sort of dead air. It's all very well put together. And I think that maybe that just takes time in a way that it reminds me, it's a completely different total show. But there's another British comedy called spaced. They may know as made by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg has Shaun of the dead and all this other stuff. It was very like it me feel on its on its surface to you about Reno just characters doing whatever. And all of that goes, a light hearted thing like friends, but dairy girl a very deliberate about what it wants to accomplish. Which is something really easy to to. Appreciate the whole chips thing for chips has four five. Okay. Five is five enough. And then the next time I'll take seven chips. What I love about the show is it's a show set in Ireland that as an American I get I'm not a girl. I'm a guy. I get it. I get the emotions I get the tension. I get the family dynamics. And that's what's beautiful about Netflix bringing shows overseas to America is that its it translates beautifully. There's no sort of hiccup the differences the chips and some of the language in some of the references get it. It's not what we go through. But it's the universality of the whole story, which is really a home run. And I think it's adorable. I like I said there's there. That's the only word except for. There are a lot of four letter. Yeah. Its course. And then they bring in the the exchange students, and she's so funny. I mean, it's just like, and then the whole dog seen and then the crush on the priest didn't here, just like, wow. It's just like you said, I did they just brought it over here and just kind of put it up there and the main complaint that I've seen is that, you know, people just don't understand the accents. Well, and those are my peeps easily fixed. So I'm not having a lot of trouble with that kind of show. You wanna watch maybe more than once because there's a lot of things flying at you. So I can time you'll get the language the accent. And you'll get some more jokes. Right. Right. So let's break this. Can I read one more thing is there's a senior the end that that kind of makes a nod to inclusion and a lot of TV shows, especially in the US winter trying to be inclusive to other groups that may not be Representative or whatever it's very ham-fisted enforced. And when it happened in this show, it's so true to who these characters are. And it's hard to say. It has six two half hour episodes. How do you know who these characters are hit by the second episode? Yeah. Very that seems very meaningful and thought out but not forced and just feels very true and natural to the thing is really impressive. Excellent. I agree. Go ahead and rate it I'm we're going to rate it. I didn't know we were going. I'm gonna give it four to five bullied backfires. I thought it was just so so charming and funny, and Dave I wanna give it four to five state miracles. I'm going to give it four out of five lipsticks, very good. That was in the second episode. Not one but two awards few today. I the the sort of this special reward our passes to Tuesday's screening of the shell knock grow old. It's the movie that everybody's talking about Peter Jackson's recreation of war one footage, it is by all accounts. Amazing. So I hope you enjoy that presentation. And also, of course, Alamo draft house semi tickets, either sloan's lake or little tin, a great place to check out a movie, it's an experience, it's fun. And of course, no texting no talking. So enjoy those combination of passes. Thanks so much. Thank you. Dave. Are you a bench watcher? I wish I was just don't have the time by the time. I go to bed, and I put on a show that I wanted. Episodes a miracle. So in theory, I'm waiting for a massive flu, which I do not want. Right. But I just I don't have the time. I wish I could I had I had the instinct in two inch. But I just can't well real quick. We have about a minute and a half left. Let's talk about the Oscars in net flex. We were talking off the air that there are two movies actually that are being acknowledged for the Oscars this year and they're living on net flicks right now, do you know, the reasoning behind that? Oh, gosh. I don't know. I mean, I think there's different reasons why you'd wanna go to net. Flix? There's no the reason that they got nominated because they're good on what the Koran is. You know, is is a big name director of his ostrich before. But I mean, the world is changing a Netflix movie now has more cash than it did a year ago. I just think the culture is evolving, and I think filmmakers are looking at Netflix has a viable platform. And also as a way to reach the masses the bird box movie, we talked about got millions of viewers in a way that wasn't possible in the theaters and last year they did. It with mudbound. If you remember it wasn't. I don't think there's a big enough movie or didn't have the cash, right? But yeah, it was kind of them feeling waters. So next week. What movies are you're looking at. Unfortunately, we're talking about serenity. Anne Hathaway anathema punishing serenity is firefly's firefly. But that was the name that was the name of the movie that spot off the exactly he's also a wonderful film called STAN and Ollie about laurel. And hardy, and we may touch on the kid who would be king of recharging movie for kids. But I think adults will like it too. And not the LEGO movie too. That's coming soon. I thought that was next weekend. The week after it's coming out early. Okay. Because I love the Batman. Like, I have watched that more than once voice leave that at that. We'll thanks for being with me today. Christian. Thank you. This is Mike Rosen at the movies. I'm Laurie Lynn Barker filling in for Mike Rosen along with Christian TOTO, we'll be back next week on KOA NewsRadio. Are you worried about your mom or dad living alone in their house? Hi,.

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