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Thing that I'm saying these to get past Daytona prevailed at the state they use as an example was Illinois which got into a physical problems because of the Republican governor governor there has come to pull it out it is we're talking about life and death let's talk about the people that are somewhat familiar with the state of Illinois hello with her that's a stone cold life that's a big fat lie those issues have been going on for years decades yes every guy who's elected governor of Illinois is going to fix the pension problem every single one of them I'm sorry I missed it David where was she rattling off this nonsense CNN who is the host any idea Blitzer come on wall for you freaking kidding me well should be better than that man did he call her out for that he did say why he was asking about a payroll tax cut I think why not do that moving forward to help out businesses and she says well no we can't do that we have to bail out the state's but he didn't say well cheer policy they had those pension problems long before not to my knowledge no you know if it's a hack like they put on in the midday or it's a don lemon R. Cooper I'm fine you know you're not gonna get anything but wolf don't you put wolf at a higher level than the other hanging a little bit I guess maybe do you see god present job I well I don't know I mean lemons a hack Kwan was a hack Anderson Cooper we don't need to go to any less than half the reason I'm saying did you ever put wolves ahead of them you know I probably can yeah I always think if there's some semblance of sanity on that network it might be him and only him by the way fees that's disappointing okay Alisyn Camerota frowned when she heard it don't get me going there is from the founders and yeah I know very troubled install air she just cares yeah because it hurts so much because you care so much with my lip is quivering thinking about it galley okay let's go to the woman in Kentucky she saw a problem she had a solution yes she went for what's the story well this is a video making the rounds from a gas station in Kentucky the clerk film the customer who showed up wearing a mask with a big hole cut in the middle of it where her mouth is what makes it easier to breathe sure yes yeah okay here we go.

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