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Backed up almost back to la Grange road you want to take a detour around that area Jeanne Snyder northbound at I. seventy one is shut down I'm Josh Everett newsradio eight forty WHAS happy Friday on WLKY meteorologist moe rose with today's forecast grab those sunglasses you're gonna need em today we've got lots of sunshine temperatures warming up into the mid and upper seventies by this afternoon you guys are looking mostly clear and cold tonight with lows in the mid sixties Saturday we're going to bring in a few passing clouds but staying dry with highs in the low eighties Sunday looking a little cooler with partly cloudy skies and a high of seventy six that's our WLKY weather forecast I meteorologist mo rose everywhere you turn we're coming to a reckoning things are getting heated summer weather when cooler heads can't turn to your severe weather station news radio eight forty W. H. A. S. hi Rick Miller I think it if during these times of social distancing you still want ideas on how to improve our had a changer kitchen or your bathroom email me at Rick him fancy bath dot com that's Rick L. dot com we can share ideas pricing and even a five hundred dollar coupon thank you Miller's fancy bath and kitchen open Monday through Friday tend to for Saturday's tended to for fifty years right to life has fought to protect human life beginning at conception what if anyone who has experienced the joy of holding a newborn infants do whatever he or she could to defend the precious lives a preborn children yet each year Planned Parenthood aborts over three hundred thousand babies these senseless tragedies must not continue you can be part of our work become a member of right to life for more information call eight nine five five nine five nine paid for by the Kentucky right to life educational foundation this is a mammogram and you might have heard Mitch McConnell that using a recording of my voice but it's doctored audio he refuses to release the whole recording you see or hear those ads just know the center McConnell was cutting out my words and lying to you he spent thirty five years in the Washington swamp but I took an oath as a marine and as a national security adviser to always tell the truth so let me set the record straight as a mom with three young children I strongly oppose late term.

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