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Here. We've got three hours to get it done. Tonight may begin by taking us back to last night long about eight fifteen or so it sounded like this. With the Twelfth Pick of the two thousand twenty be draft the Cincinnati reds. Select Austin Hendrick outfielder from West. Allegheny High School Imperial Pennsylvania. Let's go straight to the source. The reds first round pick twelfth overall. That would be Austin Hendrick Austin Lance. McAlister, how are you? Doing Sir I'm well congratulations after all the the work over the years after all the games over the years with mom and dad driver, you'd have practice. What was that moment like for you last night? moment that I'll never forget something like you said you worked so hard for all the hours you put in something you never forget and he really work hard for. What have the last three months been like no, no baseball season and everybody's world turned upside down. What's it been like for you during that period? Yes definitely definitely been different Xiaobin on been on the field playing some games, but it's been a lot of indoor work. Indoor facilities to begin my work in the weight room, hitting slowing and just keeping in the best shape, possible very happy with my body right now so. A lot of work that's been paying in putting. Did you have a sense going in of the reds interest for you? Did you think there was an opportunity at twelve of you're there? their my opinion. I didn't know exactly what was going to happen. I had an idea from some different places. But I'm going in and hearing that I'm hearing my name called and number twelve is unbelievable, experience and like something I will never forget any idea over the months any idea how many zoom meetings you did with teams or what? What was that process like? There is a lot. A number. A really cool experience, though this town with everybody has to say and seeing where I landed as well You know I'm very very happy very excited and you know There's no way to get out there. Get the red uniform on and Get out there and play. You know that's something that I'm very excited for win. Reds fans, watch you or even when they go to Youtube and watch some of your clips to this point, what do you? What do you hope they see in you as a player in the way you play the game? This together does outplays hard plays away. You know what I mean I like to go out there and you know I. Bring a sense of confidence, a little bit of swagger, but Um, not not not a person's financial at all. Go out there fighting in the right way and you know I love the hit so. Actually you know had a couple of home runs and pity game with a lot of passion. I laughed last night. You talked about going to youtube and watching King Griffey Junior. Tell us about your appreciation for for junior, not not just the player, but the person it seems Oh. Yeah, he's A. He's a role model for me. Most definitely something. I look up to and I'm Kinda resemble my game after just a swing and his carrots there on and off the field. You know, but a great husband. Right father. Someone that you know you Kinda WanNA strive to be speaking of your swing. You simplified it last summer. Did you find confidence after that change? Oh, absolutely I'm I've always had confidence. Chain, and I'm seeing some of the things I did. more consistency felt great. Um, you know not only still even now over the whole porn pain, continue to keep them better with that and very very happy with what I did and continue to keep growing into Austin here. Here's what jumped out to me. That impresses me about your decision to when you change your swing. You were I believe at the time line is right. This was this was during some high level competition showcase events. Some guys might be Leery of getting out of their comfort zone against top notch competition. You went right to it and did it right through that, didn't you? Absolutely how most definitely There was a mike the night before decision You know playing a great. You know that's on. The next day. Really nerve wracking. Just gone and. Not. Knowing what to expect came out really well at home that day and Bad and constantly been working on that conflict on ed working with that. Here's another thing that jumps out to me and looking at your junior year. I know you were walked a lot. Few teams wanted to pitch to you that had to help your disciplined, because it doesn't seem like you chase you instead of trying to do too much. You kind of just took what they gave you. Absolutely you know PA they're definitely. A Lotta walks at high full season an anyway anyway to help the team in on base, though second and third, and I'm getting scorn position for Dada hit me in so whatever it took to help the team out and. You know being a team player and help out 'til till reds fans about your outfield skills. Is there a position out there you're? You're most comfortable play. Now on a theatrical play all three Coach those and. To play I'M GONNA. Go out there and play one hundred and ten percent now I'm getting very strong arm, and I'm love for people out on. Routes that are baseball and Myself know thoughts and you know scar off the game hard in the right way without a senior season for everybody to watch. How big were those showcase events that you played in last summer? They were awesome and other. It was so much fun I'm going out there playing some grey competition on even even the coaches that were there sure so much knowledge and I'm just being there enough for me to be a sponge and listen to it all, and and just try to help me and put my game as much as possible. You were at Wrigley Field you won the under armour Homerun Derby. Take me back to that moment. How cool was that? That was awesome exchange. Being around great competitors, and you know coming on top and him. and..

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