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You got a date with the san francisco forty niners sunday night football at their place on the road in the west coast where you had your house of horrors which i know the probably still thinking about two thousand nineteen with nick bosa and mahim oeser was running all over them and then you have a week. Four date with the pittsburgh steelers who just went into buffalo slab. Josh allen round and close cole beasley around so if i'm green bay i not wanna take the lines ever so slightly. They might wanna. They might think they're kitties. They might think oh the detroit lions just beat them in the late but those kitties have a big bite. I'm sorry i couldn't help myself. But going back to the green bay packers if they lose against the lines which are very possible very possible that green bay defense not not great defense in the world and don't sleep on detroit lions. Don't sleep on that running game. The swift is a solid running back and jamaal williams. That one two punch with tj hopkinson who might be one of the best tight ends in the league. Yeah i'm saying you might be a top five tied in. I'm thinking up top my head kennel. Kelsey waller hopkinson mark andrews. They might be the best five tight into in the league. I wouldn't be surprised. I wouldn't be surprised at the green bay. Packers lay another egg and they lay another stinker and they loosen lines we one. Now i wanna say i wanna say the line. What eleven eleven points. We might have to talk about that. We might have to talk about the lines getting eleven points because now not only is that a huge spread in the nfl. It's it's a huge reading and college football too but we're talking about professionals we're talking about. Nfl professionals professional nfl team. Now i know you say oh well. It's the lives it's detroit dan campbell. He's horrible yet Let's give them a chance. But eleven points for the detroit lions. That's a lot. There's there's not many reason than they're not many times that division games especially especially division gangs teams. Get eleven points i. I could see the detroit. Lions getting down eleven point is they know what we're gonna make this a field goal game..

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