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Or Bama Daesh by Saturday for NPR news. I'm schmead partake in Mumbai. Authorities are searching for the occupants of a helicopter that crashed into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland shortly after noon today. Police say they located a debris field, but not the helicopter rescue boats and divers are assisting in the search. There's no word yet on the cause of the crash. You're listening to NPR news from Washington from tweedy news in San Francisco. I'm Ryan Levy, California. Attorney general heavier Sarah will review how the states Roman Catholic diocese handled allegations of child sex abuse Kikuchi show Levitt reports the attorney general sent letters to the states twelve Catholic diocese on Thursday in the letter Sarah said his office will review whether the archdiocese adequately reported allegations of sexual misconduct has required by state law. The Sarah asked the diocese to preserve all records relating to child sexual abuse, including those in quote, secret archives, acting Graham to self report they've been doing isn't working. That's Joey Piscopo telly from the survivors network of those abused by priests. Why it's necessary for the attorney general just take the jets. Investigated more piscotty Kelly says he and other survivors had a meeting with the Sarah and district attorneys across the state in the fall. He says they were looking for information on bishops who may have covered up sexual abuse allegations. Also last fall, the attorney general's office launched an online complaint form seeking information from the public on clergy sexual abuse for now, but Sarah's request is voluntary. But piscotty hopes that if charges don't comply the state will subpoena the documents then pyschedelic claims the public will understand the magnitude of clergy sexual abuse in California..

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