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You only have to win one leg if you just bet the horse to win. I mean if you're combos. Ab with abc with abc. It might come in ccb essential quality. And you might get back. You know hundred thirty four hundred fifty bucks hundred two hundred or something like that. You had to do a lot of work when you could have just got three to five. Want him to win. If he's your big opinion which obviously we don't want sit fire three to five shots anyways. I just thought for me it was. It was helpful to write that down in the in the idea of you know why why am i. Handicapping what am i looking for. Because you know these preview shows that we do i try to give you a general sense of what's coming up for the weekend. It's certainly i'll give you a couple of opinions horses. I might like favorites. I might think bad or something like that but in reality none of us know until a all the scratches or out be what kind of prices are being offered and see. Also you know. Handicapping factors house detract plane. What's the weather like. you know. We don't know that stuff two and three days out. Somebody gives you a pick four two or three days out. It's kind of insane really isn't it. I might give you a roadmap for pick for. I might say. Hey look you know. Today's just not the day to central quality. He's he's a me. And i'm not saying look threes yet. But you know. I might say like today's you know he's gonna win. So you know if i'm going to try to play pick five. I would try to beat favorites b. c. and d. but i'm not gonna let a full ticket for you. That's that's crazy this. That's not how you do this thing so anyways just some thoughts these are. This is what horse player thursdays. Four throwing some thoughts out there helping you guys to hopefully like i said i don't want i don't ever want you to just copy your listen anything. I say his gospel. Because lord knows i'm no expert but i hope that at least forces you to think and you know wasting things and all that we wanna do. Let's take a quick time out. Anthony's to be is gonna join us after this horse player. Thursday edition of the jason beam. Horseracing podcast brought to you by twin. Spires.

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