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He said you know. She is somebody. She does she's someone's daughter it would matter to the people. In law enforcement for years, it's been a cold case and so he would like to see the DNA. Submitted to a genealogical database Do, that track down her, relatives and he, they call it I mean even though we. Didn't have heard about the lady of the dunes. But on, the northeast they're they've known as they call it. The, holy grail of unsolved. Mistrials and, mysteries because, the fact that no one. Is she didn't. Match any description of anyone who said my daughter is magazine. Or whatever she do they. Even they think early thirty okay so anyway in this Joe hill Stephen king's Son, he watches jaws every, single summer As a kid He looks identical. To his dad. I Don call, I will say if you like, Stephen King books, read Joe. Hill fabulous. Books they are he's as good as his dance Yeah he he loves. Ya he's watched. It every summer, since he was nine he said, especially in New, England it's. To cinema. What Moby Dick is American literature Anyway and so anyway the otter ideas have cracked called cases okay. And that's. Why you see anywhere in the news this, Lady Jane's, that's what it is it's not a new book for national book day or anything like. That, it, is it is. A theory of ghost story writer Joe hill and. He he, uses that pen name, because it's a contraction of his middle name Hellstrom He didn't wanna be king right he wanted his books to be I understand that And of course you know jazz based on. The Peter? Benchley. You have. Yes so good I. Loved that movie I. Watched. That movie. Anytime it's on it's. Like dirty dancing. I just stop I know I, had the worst six I hated. That I? Was. Scared forever. Okay Joya should we. Pool our money Marilyn. Monroe's. Dress from. The seven year edge. The when she How much are they asking, don't know the action starts in Beverly Hills August eighteenth it's It is one of a version of the, dress made by the original designer Bill Travolta and, it has, been on tour and, exhibits and it is up? For when. We visited Marilyn the traveling Marilyn, Monroe in, Chicago That thing, is still making, going around. Going around the wherever it was last the office building that was right by was mad, because they her but was chasing them facing, now I know it isn't that silly yes so, anyway there's, some other Marilyn Monroe Personal childhood photographs fifteen different costume she wore in movies ice. A photo that she provided to this Twentieth Century Fox exact Ben Lyon who is the one who. Provided Maryland to her as the. Name. Because her, name was Norma, Jeane Mortenson And He thought her name should be Something similar she used her mom's, maiden. Name Munro and Ben Lyon Maryland Wow so anyway, so That, is Okay so we are seeing, right now our pictures every single plays, Jennifer Lopez and Alex, Rodriguez, go yeah and Kyrie posted, everywhere there but it looks like someone's taking their picture like they've got a photographer going with them to capture all. These moments there's so much paparazzi in July and August in. That area, so yeah because we see everybody they get the, long telephone see their fabulous life and to fab Yeah yeah and I, did ask one of my kids today What. They thought we were talking about dopers and cheaters About Alex oh he's Carlos never he's, gross he's gross, mom, and I said well everyone seems to like money is and what he has PIN. Broadcast now he's terrible really don't have. Any, respect for him yeah at. All they're, good temperature. I guess I guess but it was kind of funny because I keep, having that affliction like I don't want. Her with this hembo. Jennifer, Lopez She's been, with far. Bigger Himbas Oliver dancers that little bear casper I mean he couldn't have, been more him both go but he likes him Says.

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