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Mercury dime dress. Remember those I took him to a coin the in just a few revenge and ask them how much they're worth The story. Some other powers were always like 15 5 16, but he says there was more in silver. So is it. Really? So that's why how much you got it. What? They also surely brother over the oil, the other and everything. I found out that show that was $47 announce that I made a little over $6100 good for you. Good for you. Good thing. You didn't take him to the shop, right point him in the dispassion. You know, I remember that, like I don't know, like my grandparent's. My grandfather used to have member the coin collecting the books like the pennies and, uh, we owe a dime. And the quiet there was 1964 was when they started mixing the copper in with the silver. Yes. Yeah, because you could look at it. Only from the quote is if you look on it, you're still cooperate. And also on this on the sides. Wow. Good job by human $6100.1 802 831 on 1.5, Steve Trouble leaves. Have you ever been blessed with found money? Money you didn't even know you had. I'm cleaning out my drawers and I find an envelope with $275 worth of seriously savings bonds that my grandmother given to me as a kid. You know, over different, you know, birthdays, graduations, things like that. And no idea that they were worth anything. I don't think it's 27 find Alice. And I figured, you know. Well, sooner or later, I should cash this in. I mean, Grandma didn't want me to have some time. Something I get to insert from house and I go to the bank today, and I'm almost like a my hearing this right? Well, the interest on this one is 100. The interest on that one Islamic. Wow. Well to change a change. It's just building up. That's crazy. $1224. Wow. From those two and $75. Well, you know what It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where he Jerry goes the cash all the Like $5 checks his grandma? Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. He finds out the bank is has defaulted or whatever, but that that's that's crazy. What was that? Wasn't at the one where the residual checks from the Japanese commercial. Oh, and he? Is that what? He was getting carpal tunnel from signing, But the checks were only for like, seven cents. Something. Yeah, I didn't want it goes once I got I did a bud light commercial, um, was that I was doing a bar parents for radio station. And you know what they were looking for, like the Bud Light saying So. I came up with Baba Booey Bud light, and they used it and I was literally 15 cents. Most ridiculous. Jackson like months 7 30..

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