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Fifteen family of teen killed in the Columbia gas explosions and fires the settlement has been reached with the company Boston police say a homeless man fell from the rafters under the Longfellow bridge today is being treated for serious injuries the attorney for a former MBTA safety officer says OSHA thirty agency with an official whistle blower complaint Lawrence man convicted of beheading is classmate will be sentenced later today for the one chief of human rights is speaking out today about conditions in migrant detention centers at the border earlier today I spoke with CBS for an analyst Pam Falk about this she's at the U. N. former Chilean president Michelle Bachelot said that on Monday did she was just absolutely appalled by the conditions migrants and refugees face in the U. S. detention centers now that of course intensifies a challenge to the trump administration's immigration policies and this is the U. N. High Commissioner for human rights she said children were stopped by border agents they never should be held in detention centers in the squalid conditions are separated from their families and the detention should not be a norm for adults either so here is the you and your men right she she also has a lot of credibility because of her work she ran you when women for many years but she was the president of Chile right after the dictatorship and she herself a pediatrician by the way had been tortured during the dictatorship in Chile so she's someone who really cares about human rights cares about all of the issues and there's just a lot of backlash coming from all directions for this migrant cracked down for the conditions in many of the detention centers is there any indication that officials here in the United States are going to take any action based on that yes president trump originally this is about a month ago said that there would be deportations of of the non of undocumented workers in the United States to Mexico or their country of origin now what he's saying is there's going to be speeded up my grand David deportations from the migrants center is now the biggest problem with that is that if there's someone illegal in the United States the the US has a right to deport them and then have them leave the country of course politically there a lot of questions about that but in terms of the detainees they may be refugees and the U. S. observes refugee law and refugee policy and all the convention center on it that says if you have a well founded fear of persecution which is the definition of a refugee that they can't be returned unless you determine that they're not in in danger of being killed it when they return to CBS is Pam Falk reporting from the United Nations meantime New Hampshire jails in hot water now for handing off a migrant to ice actress criminal charges were dropped Rafael Penn was arrested on charges of drug dealing but back on Friday Hillsborough County prosecutors dropped those charges now the ACLU has filed a petition on Penn's behalf saying the valley street jail officials had no right to hold him based on ice detainer the ACLU legal director told a Superior Court judge that immigration detainer I just request not arrest warrants not the detainer filed with the valley street jail was not issued by a judge judge notes that the pen is spent in the country illegally for the past four years well twelve eighteen and in Hong Kong protest leaders there say they will continue to demonstrate against the chief executive Carrie lam even after a contentious extradition bill was declared to be dead at issue is that land has yet to make that position official to hear from CBS's Rupert Winfield Hays introduction of its pale she said in the way that they try to amend it has been a complete.

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