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But i bet escobar place quite a bit at first base. That was the first thought i had to. I like that. I agree with you that he might get most of his time there. And is it really that bad thing. If milwaukee adopts the arizona plan to the envio where they just shuffled guys around day by day they give a day off here there. And it doesn't doesn't really hurt anybody's individual fantasy value that much escobar's loss in potential playing time. Here is i think offset by the fact he goes to a great hitters. Ballpark i don't think he loses any playing time. I think he plays every single day. First second or third i. That's my feeling about anyone does. That's the same thing with frazier. They're not gonna play literally every single day. They're gonna have their occasional days off because they have a roster that supports it. But i don't think in the end it's going to matter more than ten or fifteen. I don't think they have a roster support. Said i don't think rowdy tellez makes you sit eduardo. Escobar with twenty two home runs. I don't but we'll see i mean. Look you're moving to a better offense in theory okay. Milwaukee's only no better better ballpark in. Scituate okay yeah i think escobar's fa- i looked maybe you would trade away escobar now after the straight if you think he's gonna lose playing time with escobar. You mentioned this before. He is an extremely annually. Underrated fantasy player. I know yet a disappointing year last year but he has been excellent two years ago he was great one of the best bang for the buck. Picks that you could get and this year is looking somewhat similar. The astros have a better bullpen. Now setting up ryan presley. They've got jimmy garcia from miami. They're closer and they got killed graven from seattle in a very odd inner division trade and the manners is not a good flying the same park at the time that it just says something bad but seattle had to know that they were over achieving a little bit about agreements not the best relief. pitcher seattle's bullpen. Pulse is having a better season than kendall raymond. Nobody wants to talk about that silk again. They'll trade today to be set up man somewhere. But i think this is pretty obvious. Presley's the closer in grave men and Jimmy garcia are no longer going to get saves so that means going to drop them in. Espn standard leagues. I would agree with that but somebody's left behind. Paul sodas clearly seattle's closer but again daca chain the next twenty four hours. I'm not sure i mean with you on that. Even if he stays. But i'm not sure it's rider. I think second rider might have a chance. I think they could go very well. To the montero and graven bullpen. They had in april and may using those two players. I'm with you. That sold is the guy you invest in. But i think there's a chance it's a combo miami. Could trade like their top three setup. Man they're all older guys in their thirties. Fluoro- bass Rocky bleier but what about Anthony benders so who would you rather roster right now if you have one spot and your bullpen. Anthony bender miami or of seattle. If i'm doing it this minute it's got to be civil. Yeah and i could go to the ballpark. And the fact that the marlins will be fighting at tough close wins. But i'm not. I actually more convinced that sue old is the closer in seattle. I have more confidence in that. Being the case that i am in whether it's floor or bender in miami and as you said floro and sue themselves could be trade candidates liars and other guy who's been on the trade market absolutely That's it for the trades players yet to be moved max scherzer. Apparently his starting in half an hour in philadelphia in the rain despite obvious trade stuff going on there. That's just not smart washington. It's just not smart in the least you should scratch them from the saudi and maybe they will by the time we end the show. Maybe they've been asked to audition show he's healthy. Who knows every team knows is the cubs so have to move some other guys kris bryant. Craig kimbrel no need to keep them around. My is by. As i don't know if they moved by that wanna see byles on the reds he and having three agent orange he and amir garrett his teammates cova does hit a couple of teams obviously washington. The game on wednesday was postponed against philadelphia. Trae turner Ten day isolation christian yelich tested positive as well. Nothing good about testing positive but in yellows case you slugging three sixty seven. So maybe he's back. Needs ten days off so i think there's a silver lining in the christian yelich situation because he's just not helping fantasy managers at all through four months of the season. One of the biggest bus fantasy no power whatsoever and maybe in ten days. We'll have it back. We'll see him. Jimenez came back to hits a home run in his On tuesday including gaming homer any left wednesday's game with groin injury. But we don't know how serious is he may not miss any time at all But it's nice to see him back and it certainly helps the chicago lineup. So and i've seen him getting traded in a couple of my league so either people don't believe or they really really believe so. I thought that was pretty interesting. You know people are all in on. Eli right now. Which i kind of two. I don't see.

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