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Except today some people make there are apt and then they bring it to the visa say here's my hap and authority and they'll is certainly not the only way the been done is incredible you think about it you would literally right a business plan and then you show up at santo road and they read the plan the day before and you sit and uk questions i i say dissertation tried to go in a deserted me feel fund of visit does sequoia wednesday's squareback threat where where they did not act out the pack tara tell the story was dubbed stole that really they they they they basically said uh the kinda made fun of my lack of knowledge about financial part odd and and said do they just decided not dissipate glenn mueller who was one of the major partners at mayfield fun uh decided that he thought i was sincere and really in of drought him it was at full abi go and try to make to sing work it's incredible they said they give you what a million dollars or something a five i got i got eight hundred thousand dollars for forty percent of the company that was the economics than while were saying i redid were still a milliondollar valuation of central asia incredible said aig at forty percent the company and when you go public at forty percent is worth well the only a diluted over many years is manufacturing company we ended up being bill built a hand and we've put the operating system in the graphic system in an by the time he did all that it was it was a a big expensive piece hardware occur to salesforce o is a huge um company builder yeah i want to get back to this quick break i want to talk about diet your time at netscape and of course you've got command scape your new company uh and we'll talk a little bit about your investments as well when we get back on the speed startups i wanna first thank my friend scott walker for supporting startups not just supporting this weekend starts but startups themselves walk corporate law as you know is a boutique law firm that specializes in the representation of entrepreneurs and startups that's what they do.

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