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You in studio. Frank territory show coming on right after us air force NCIS you basketball over on our sister station, seven forty caviar. So just in case you're looking for some sports tonight. That's where we're going nuggets. Right back in action after a disappointing loss to the rockets. They'll play the heat tonight. What do you call a single player from the Miami Heat? What is Dwayne Wade? A degree singing that or a hot? Every player on the heat a hot and collectively they are the heat. Or is it a degree? Well, like what are avalanche? Calm avs. They always shorten it to add. But I do I do want to get to the bottom of it and say in a world where that you can't just calm an app because that's what they call them. Yeah. What would you call them? Snowflake. They're all snowflakes twenty nine fifteen or twenty eighteen into twenty nine thousand nine that's probably not the the vernacular that they would want to be has a different meaning to political. Right. But theoretically that would be what are the smaller parts to an avalanche. Please. There are hearts I liked the idea that the Miami Heat players individually or hot. That's who the nuggets played tonight. So we'll see if they Braun is a former hot. Now. He's a mutt. Drop of water. Yeah. Right. And the nice thing is when you're completely made up name like the Lakers. That's completely made up. No it is. It's it's comes from their former home. Originally the Minnesota Lakers. No, no. But the the word Laker. They're called the Lakers because they are from many. You're right. Yeah. But is the word Laker a word. That's what I'm saying. Okay. Laker win Lakers is the word, and I think it's made up. I don't think it's a legitimate word. Somebody can correct me on that. Or you can come in and say like we just got techs all words are made up. Thank you know, what I mean all words are made up that is at one point or another. Laker is not a Lakers is not a generally accepted word. I don't believe it is in the mirror m Webster dictionary. I could be wrong. Probably is now, right. But my point at my point of it is. Lakers at the time was a made up word, and it's easy to shorten it to Laker. If they were called the Los Angeles lakes, then yes, you have to figure out. Is LeBron a lake or is LeBron a drop of water. But Lakers is completely made up name. So then the shortening of said. Word is also made up. You type in Laker in Google. All you're going is LA Laker stuff. Yeah. So you have to. I'm on the Wikipedia page and all it says is the franchise was rechristened the Lakers in reference to the nickname of Minnesota. Made up word made up word like not a real word. Two eight six zero zero four six it took the word lake in the word player and combine them. To make Laker. That sounds correct. Is that what you just read or you telling that was by by theory. Drip. I like, Gary drip would be short for the s. Let's call the Laker fans. Should be drips. Can we just call Laker fans drips? Yeah. Because I think that's that's appropriate. So. How did we get subject? Oh, yeah. What do you? Call a singular magic same way a magician. Do you call Aaron Gordon magician? Place for the magic. Or is. He a spell. Each individual player for the Orlando. Magic is a spell. These are just the unknowable things. But it was what's the nugget a pebble? Now now, get nuggets. Now, get one nugget don't do that. You know that now gets his legitimate Rockies. Iraq. We call him the Iraqi Lear walkers Iraqi, do you call one mountain in the rocky mountains of rocky. Now, you call it a mountain. So that's what we should be calling Nolan aren't auto is a mountain Iraqi, he's a rock. He's a rock a rock. A rock makes them amount which is the Rockies. Right. Are there enough rocks? Poll question. What is the singular? What is one player for the Miami Heat called? A hot or a degree two eight six zero four degree. I like degree too. Yeah. Is a really but really their only about fourteen or fifteen players on an MBA roster. So really if it's only fourteen or fifteen degrees very much there you go. A degree. Dwayne Wade is a degree celsius. Elven even ladder. Yeah. Wow. A BTU. All right. That's not what we're talking about. Sam farnsworth's will join me here in about ten minutes. They continue that discussion. And you absolutely continue that discussion he is a fan of the jazz. And they called this literally the case. No, they call. No, no, they call a member of the jazz a jazzman. Okay. That's legit thing. And I accept that. Okay. So if the if Aaron, Gordon and mobile MBA. Are called magic, man. Then I'm cool with that. But you can't just say they're a magic, it doesn't make any sense. So the singular man right now, you see me. Now, you don't exactly I wave my hands furiously from microphone like. On Talladega nights. Yeah. That's a stupid helmet. I've ever heard our is it stupid or digits blow your mind? Okay. Pretty awesome. So yeah, singular form of somebody who plays for Ricky Rubio is a jasmine guy, which I can I can get on board with that. What do you call the head coach of the Broncos? Vacant? Apparently, micro Vick. According to Mike Klis of nine news up in Denver says that John Elway's decision which he is deliberating on is between Vic Fangio and Mike Montek Fangio the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears. Mike Mon check the old line coach for the Steelers and the former. Head coach of the Tennessee titans. Somebody approached me in the hallways today. With kind of a ridiculous notion. I'll just tell you. He's a Steelers fan. So you know, exactly who he is. Steelers fans don't understand the plight of the other thirty one NFL teams. No, it just don't understand because Pittsburgh Steelers were raised in Steelers fans were raised in an environment where the coach. Is a lifetime appointment, and they don't chain. It's never the coach. It's never the coach fault. Exactly. It's always about getting better player. Yup. Which is like five coaches in their entire is. Right. And so he said, well, why didn't they just keep Vance Joseph and give them a chance. And after I laughed hard in his face. It got me thinking is now that it's down to Fangio Amman check. And maybe this is even better question to ask when they finally do reveal the head coach of the Denver Broncos. Is there any world? Where Vance Joseph would be a better candidate than mon- Chakra Fangio. Because that's the only thing I could think of because obviously he deserved to be fired. We already went through this. And I laid out a billion reasons why Vance Joseph deserve to be fired. But now we've been in the coaching search, right and many of you see what is out there. And you're like man to me at worst, Vic Fangio is a more experienced Vance Joseph, which is already an upgrade. So I don't believe that one bit. I don't believe the lack of super appealing candidates. And you could take your pick. If you think Bruce Arians announced today head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aycliffe Kingsbury apparently made the right decision. He got hired by the cardinals. As their next head coach. Maybe those are exciting. Gets for those two franchises. But even though the choices that the Broncos have are a little underwhelming. Dot super exciting. It's still a way better decision than to allow Vance Joseph to have continued for one more year. So I get the world that Steeler fans are from envy it. But. At the same time. I don't because as the saying goes it's much easier. Fire the coach of the players it would be maddening. That's that's also part of the reason why the Steelers have only had like five coaches in their history because they're all they've pretty much all been really good for a long time. So it's like. That's that's why you stick by like, you're not Steelers aren't sticking by someone that goes five and eleven for three consecutive well. And when they do do that they've earned the credit to say to work through it. Look, I can I can fix right Bill cower, Mike Tomlin these guys had success quickly. Yeah. Tomlin was ended the team true. So very true. But it's a nice world to live in. But at the same time, it's it's very therapeutic for fans to call for the heads of their head coaches in to be part of a fan base that never does that would be a very odd feeling. So I don't I I don't think anybody should look at the choices that Jonah was down to with Vic Fangio, Mike Mon check reportedly in say, I don't like these guys to the point that I would rather. Vance Joseph have continued. To me. Getting rid of Vance Joseph was already a victory for John Elway now it's just where you're going to go. And the other thing that I threw out here. And I'll put it, you know. Put it back in here. And see what you guys think about it. The browns. Look like they're going to hire their OC as a head coach kitchens. That leaves potential Mike McCarthy landing spots down to one being the New York football jets. Like I said yesterday with the Carson Wentz discussion, I think it is absolutely worth John always time to reach out to Mike McCarthy. One more time because now McCarthy is down to a landing spot. And just see if maybe. He would want to reconsider not interviewing with the Denver Broncos. Sit down with me. Mike see what I have to say. You only have the jets. There's no one else. That's you know in position to get you. You're not interested in going anywhere else. We know that John Elway reach out week ago. Apparently, there was no interest for Mike McCarthy at that time. But now that one of his potential landing spots has been taken away from him. Probably. I think John Elway. Absolutely. Should reach out and see because McCarthy to me is more appealing than Fangio mon-. Check pagano. Anybody that the Broncos have interview take one last pass? Nobody if you wait another day. No one is going to gobble up mon- check or Vic Fangio, they're yours. You get your pick. If you're John Elway. So why not? Reach out one more time to somebody who would be a better candidate than all of them and see. If maybe he'd wanna reconsider not interviewing for the Broncos job, two eight six zero zero four six your thoughts on the Broncos Kurds coaching search if it's Fangio or munch AC do you have a preference, which one would you rather go with are coming up next. I'll ask Sam farnsworth's from K TV that very question. That's after we take a look at your Tuesday commute. Here's an Xtra sports look at the streets..

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