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Tampa police chief Brian Dugan urges everyone to enjoy the day and to pace themselves. The ultimate buzzkill is a set of handcuffs around your wrist. And you know, if you get arrested Gasparilla, then shame on you. Because we've done everything we can we will be flexible and tolerant, and we asked the same that everybody here. Be intolerant. Of each other Dugan would not say how many officers he'll have station downtown and along the parade route. But he said law enforcement agencies from across the bay area help make sure it's fun safe event. The pirate invasion in sudden channel begins at eleven thirty. The parade gets annoying around two PM at Bayshore and beta bay boulevards a prosecutor with the state ethics commission says the ethics charges against former Tallahassee mayor Andrew gillum that could have cost him the governor's race. Year had merit the ethics complaint against gillum gave US Republican rival fresh ammunition. When he needed it. Most Rhonda satis used it on the campaign trail, and I'm the only one who can credibly say, I am not the subject of an FBI investigation at this point Gillam insisted he was not the FBI's target. But an advocate for the ethics commission says there is probable cause to charge him with accepting gifts from lobbyists or trips to New York and Costa Rica accepting gifts that exceed the legal limit and failing to report those gifts. The case will now go to a public hearing in front of an independent judge Ricks leg Tallahassee. So wanting county prosecutors say they will not charge the two adults on the scene where three small children suffocated inside a freezer almost two weeks ago near live oak say there was not culpable negligence in law about abandoned refrigerators does not apply in this case. The children aged nineteen months. Four years and six years old climbed into the freezer and a latch shut behind them. And they couldn't get out by the time and adult found that they'd been in the freezer for at least thirty minutes. No games for the lightning. This weekend is the NHL all-star break. The light thirty seven wins at the break league. As does their seventy six.

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