Vladimir Putin, United States, President Trump discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show - Ep. 319 - Attempted Massacre on Congressman In DC - What Do We Know?


I've met jeff sessions agai note senator sessions i know stephen miller who has his top aide now works for the white house you have to be insane to believe this jeff sessions is basically huckleberry hound he's like a nice guy is basically huckleberry hound so i think that it is a mistake for democrats to to start treating jeff sessions as though he sitting in the back room reading gogel novels before he decides to translate all of his latest memos into into russian so sessions appears on the hill yesterday and he did a pretty good job of making no headlines which is what he needed to do you went out there and said listen folks you know i recuse myself from the trump rush investigation we're not going to sit here and do nothing while you accused me of colluding with vladimir putin to subvert the united states government a here's jeff sessions saying just that yesterday i recused myself from any investigation into the campaign for president did not recuse myself from fending ma honor against scurrilous and false allegations had all turns throughout the course of the campaign the confirmation process and since becoming attorney general i have dedicated myself to the highest standards okay and again i think that sessions is exactly right here and when he says this in his slow drawl ling accent as john had hordes molasses in the air when he says this stuff is very difficult to believe that this is a guy who sitting in the bathroom with sergey kislyak figuring out how to destroy democracy sessions it also came forty said he has confidence in robert mueller muller a lot of people on the right have been saying they don't have confidence in a special council to properly investigate trump russia's session says he does have confidence in muller so the left basically gets what it wants here mantra why they're complaining here session saying that i have known move the more over the years who served twelve years as fbi director he i knew him before there and i have confidence in this type of conference joinder on discussing the hypotheticals on what might be a factual situation in the future the i'm not aware of.

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