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Yes his name was kyle. i guess. Apparently he had a brother named chris and they were also on the parkers. They had a music video called that they released under the name. The massey boys according to wikipedia. Don't remember this and prissy music of his own but he was known for being on. Zoe went to one and some ads. Commercials or whatever. So it's true. There is a kris massie. A chris. Christmasy bobby lindsay. It's calling. I am listening to your episode from this week. And you're talking about szanto jeffries. And i need you to discuss the zoe. Wanna one revival. That was like produced by her or she was involved with or she produced like the theme song updated the theme song by jamie spears and there was a lot of tiktokers. Were a part of this event and it was like very strange. Sort of like a not a revival but reunion band but somehow entirely focused on tiktokers. I don't know very confusing. I saw it On my news feed awhile ago and and needed to learn more so if you could discuss bath angle of jeffries. I would love to understand why she was involved with that project so Thank you crunch. Crunch love you. This is question slash comment. It's mostly a comment was like beyond like my time like i miss that i was. It was so far beyond our time. We didn't engage with that. But i understand it and also i remember when we talked about jamie lynn spears being not new show like Sexy knockoff knowle's sleep. Magnolias magnolia jamie. Lynn spears room. Zoe so i know care about her and i know people care about this show. I personally don't but apparently people hated this. This like the united. They did like a whole production. It wasn't even like oh we're doing zoom reunion. It's like g gorgeous. Was there who has nothing to do with the original so many had nothing to do. I guess it's like they put in people who cared about the original your naming like at like actresses who were the age that they watched zoe one. Oh one is that joe. Was that the point. If that's the point it's not made explicit in the video. Yeah it's a weird video. The video was is sort of massey is in it. They were capitalizing on. They were capitalizing on like kovic reunion trends or people were like we're going to do a zoom or union but this is also sort of tied by the press. The skits is that not only did. They reunite to redo the theme song. Which really isn't a redo. It's just like a slightly remixed version by shantelle jeffries. Who's a dj. Who did all that. She's in the video too but like unclear what her role is in zoey. One wanna one. No she was not so like. She's literally there to do the song like she's supposed to do this. I made the song. Okay interesting in the video. She her role is like. I'm the assistant director or something. She's like pretending to be a director. With jamie lynn spears. It's really just a video for this new remake of the song. The lyrics aren't change. You can see the comments which we'll get into in a second comments are confused. Because they were. I thought you would at least re-write the lyrics but they didn't and so i thought to answer to the main question that the caller had which was why shantelle jeffries i thought well. Maybe they were friends because they seem like they're the same age sort of similar vibes. No because i watched an interview with them. Or i wasn't sure if this is the one i watched the one i read. But jamie's like we had to talk over zoom and see if we had chemistry like jamie sorta reveals that it's not like they were old friends. It's unclear why shantelle was involved. It's also weird because they literally left out people who definitely would have been in this who were in the just and replace them with tiktok like victoria justice who literally just released a single. Did you notice that like she a new song a song and definitely would have done press like whatever would have reunited for the press. At least i mean. I don't know i'm just saying like austin butler was on. This show victoria. Justice was on the show and they missed a lot of them and kind of like quote unquote replace them as the common said with these like tiktokers you know. Yes so the comments read. It's going to read some choice. Comments that are up at the top of the page zoe. This happened in late october. They released this. Zoe went two one with my childhood. I don't understand why tiktok our so called influencers have to ruin it. This is a disgrace in an absolute disappointment. Cure rosa said. I can't believe you all couldn't wait for victoria. Alexa paul and kristen but got some relevant tiktokers instead cheap. Aj says i'm confused by whatever this was lexi h am i the only one that doesn't understand why josie watson this lexi h you are. Not reese william says as a huge fan of one. I was highly disappointed in this quote reunion guy. Haskins says you're not much of a fan and spiderman response to guy haskins and says you're not much of a fan if you like this childish nonsense to keep but real fans would recognize hard work and talent to recreate the song video. Really don't but like it is kind of crazy that they left out some of the main stars like a. I don't really know a ton about the show but like if you go to the media it's the people are mentioning like paul and alexa or whatever or like a main characters main. Not they're like second build you know and so. I was watching these videos of zoe. Promoting this video and along with chantal. Jeffries and i realized what was actually happening was that this is sort of like as far as i can tell. This is like stepping putting their toes in the water. They're testing the waters. To see. If a reboot will make sense because janey says this and one of the interviews halfway through on a play the clip for you here and the fans were very upset about it so we. It was great that we did this music video. 'cause we actually got real feedback from the fans. It's like what they want and they really want that. Oh jeez zoe vibe. So that's what we it was. When we're having those created conversations about moving forward with the show it was nice to be able to give that feedback like look. We have proved right here. Look at what the fans are saying they want. Is that what jamie lynn spears sounds like. That was my next topic of conversation. I did not know that was her voice. How does she still have accents. Honey i love it. Louisiana today live in louisiana or something also god. I just remembered. I was looking at this way one wikipedia and the guy who created it is like sketchy as fuck dan schneider member all those allegations like oh about shady with like young actresses because he created all these young people like this show. Like i don't like i just feel like this is absolutely not going to happen. I do believe that zoe is having talks. I believe that she's down to do it. But if i mean the lizzie mcguire reboot is officially not happening. I can't see them doing what i want you know. Why would they started on the lizzie. Mcguire even this video clearly shows if it's a proof of concept it's not what Hail hilary duff and lizzie. Mcguire reboot team. Wanted for that show. That show has its had it on. Its own kind of failure of concept if you have been following along. It's like hillary duff straight up wanted lizzy mcguire to like be a mature adult. Like you know what i mean and no one else did. And i think that's where things went crazy. Yeah but you can read about that if you want so we're talking about hey hobbies so I was just hit the pause hardware. You guys were talking about the jobs because Speaking of like children of giants Bill gates's daughter jennifer gauge is also a Like horse girl. She's an equestrian but also she also graduated from stanford which is like. I guess they're just like that's the path that you go on if you were the daughter of attacks billionaire or something anyway Apparently against each other according to this article for business insider anyways Inside french french. Yeah so eve. Jobs and jennifer gates have competed against each other in equestrian events which is crazy to me. Their father's competed against each other in the tech world. The tech sphere no. It's very pirates of silicon valley. Very very but we got a few calls. That are being like. Oh she's this girl's not the only nepotism and they're all covered in on the website horse and hound dot co dot uk. Because i was reading. I kept googling them in. this website. kept coming up. I'm being like. I have ten things you gotta know about jessica springsteen a gay you know horse horse lover and i was like i'm reading all these reading. All of these horse and hound horse and hound..

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