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An eighty seven team is whitey herzog when i say the name of the legendary hall of fame manager what do you think a true baseball man who not only knew the game the newest players and the players a put on the field you put him on to build a team and you know back then tom it was all our official turf so speed was a key ingredient and he use that speed and defense to his advantage and made sure there we all knew what are roles were and he uses to knows roles and it was fun to play for what he did walk around i can rumor like in spring training you know as a pitcher you're out there shagging made walked by need you know go here go here to come over to the intel you hey you gonna be hell number three guy in the rotation i got to start in this game here this game here i'm boom bowman as the season progressed and he kept doing the same thing some tell you had a i'm going to have you miss the start so you can pitch against these guys cause you're pitched good against him and you know sometimes that's relieve cause some some teams no matter how you pitch guessing to just can't beat i'm i mean that's just nature the beast but he made sure that he always kaep you be and ready to go and and to me that's we aspect of managing so when you came to the ballpark play all the time why coming up on no one casting from the gillmore forty one blending studios born one blending intelligent balls for the intel and missed wednesday to be on in terms of him targeted two or assuming always easiest one of them twenty three merger disappear his go to work there's one team that has you and you know when i keep thinking about we're going through for now kept driving eleven he soon rest assured where on top of movies news wednesday which can rely on demand getting the start i'm just don't like craziness three years ago sure.

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