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Com and looking, for a part and all the sudden you run across this has gotta be, it and you've got see you call the. Place up and you say I'd. Like to buy this and they don't ask you a bunch of questions and then he gets there and it's wrong it's kind of both your fault At that point so you need to be. Able to make sure that you're ready to prepare yourself to say all right here's what I've got is this, going to work on this instead of saying oh you've got one of those oh that'll work it's a big difference and it costs a lot of people heartache and pain so let's, go back to the phones I'm done ranting eight six six five nine four, four one five overstocked rob hey rob what. Can we do for you today Okay. Then baris- a call because I think. This is a simple answer but I'll ask anyway I have a nineteen sixty. Eight, dodge. W. two hundred eighty three big walking And the Trump sets a lot But this year the second half of the. Summer here has been driving it it'll drive normally be able to celebrate up, to seventy five. Miles an hour but the freeway and if I let off the gas, and then try to accelerate again it completely falls. Out of space like nobody's home it's not getting any fuel by Rev it up reps fine what the clutch. L. put some vote on. It it won't go any faster so as I slow down thirty forty miles an hour Gas again it'll speed back up What in the, world is going on First of all that's. That's cruising right along the. Old sixty eight dodge w. two hundred I guess, some thirty five inch tall tires got three. Fifty five years you're making You talk Not. Cruise along that's, the Motors just coasting along that speed motor hasn't been. Changed though its, original motor It's stock has two barrel. Carb everything's original, good because that's important because they say well I know. It's fuel injected That sounds like a cool trucks will thirty five minutes tires on a sixty eight? Dodge w. two hundred is, that. Something that's been in the family for a long, time, or did you acquire it Yep so. It's I bought it when I was fourteen years old my old man I. Came out of northern Michigan. At like eighty thousand miles on it that would just be one of those father son projects I twenty some years now you got. To find out whether it's running. Out of fuel or if we're losing spark. On that has got to be one of? One. Of the two it's either it's either starving for fuel or. Or are sparking, it maybe it maybe it's not getting it's not getting proper fuel flow. To it is this an automatic trans earth, straight stick Was four speed manual four speed manual okay, so that that rules out some of the other things that could be transmission related sometimes people will, you sell a you. Know enough you'd be able to tell the difference but there are truly a lot of folks that just aren't mechanically inclined which is okay they're very good at. Other things but they have a hard time sometimes identifying between a, transmission that's jumping around causing him. Some some discomfort in the way it drives. And and the engine four zero carburetor barrel Got a two. Barrel to gone there wasn't anything special about about those that would cause this this type of of issue with. It and, they can be real hard to find out if you're running. Out of fuel or not because unless you've got a fuel pressure gauge that you tap in mechanical right to, the fuel line. At. The carburetor you know any even then if you've got something stuck in there like. You've got to float that sticking and it's not? Not allowing fuel into the carburetor but, you've got pressure up there you'll see a little variance in the in, the pressure talking. About small amounts of fuel stops, and shuts off I mean there'd be a tiny little increase in the in, the pressure it can be really hard to still have the standard points and condenser in it then You got it it's got. Points Yeah and that. Could be part of, it too if you're losing spark if we were diagnosed, with this are, shot either Steph first of all you drive. It to try to replicate it and then I a lot of. Times we can just feel it I had a Jeep the other day and I could just feel it and I had no idea what it was that the. One. You parked outside the office yeah so sometimes you can just tell Rossi's driving. Around the Jeep. With the top So just drive but you you know that's one thing and the other thing is we put a fuel pressure gauge on, it and a spark tester and watch it. And see you know what. Are we what are we losing. Any we've had some of those that do have just the spark gets, wacky on those with it with the. Advance has a problem or something, in there and. You just lose your power it's setting that causes a do, that your questions not dumb. It's gonna take some interested experience. With that kind of a. Vehicle. And just a sense for the mechanics and. They probably get it, pretty quick but there's not a lot of mechanics anymore, that would have, a clue what do it used to be. They didn't know fuel injection will now they don't know the whole. Style check the vacuum lying to.

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