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Because Take A DRINK. Every one of the pacing on this is pretty solid. Here we go. You know it's a drinking game yes This was a very solidly paced episode. It it moved along very well got great flow it does. It's a tight little four parter lots going on. There's a lot of plot. Guess in this one and So any so jesse before we get started since you kind of rolling on this Any other general thoughts before we I really liked the given flow You know once again It was kind of interesting. Linda came in while I was watching it and was asking a few questions and so I was able to explain that You know this Sarah Jane Smith. Many people think is the Is the obvious you know. One of the if not the best companion ever. She's in the discussion. And so it's so what's funny is. Every time Linda saw in adult male she goes this doctor and I go no. Okay Well Dr. Though and then Baker walks in she goes. Okay obviously this is the doctor and I said yes. It is And we got to talk a little bit or by the bout the iconic scarf and how that means to a lot of people that was that was the picture of the doctor And also would let it to My empathy for the class players in Atlanta Georgia on Labor Day. Weekend who dressed as the fourth doctor and August in ore at Comic Palooza in Houston during Memorial Day weekend that I don't care how much that building air condition. That is a hot costume. I feel bad for also the the the fifth doctor Peter Davison 'cause players in the semester McCoy cost players because they have those pullovers. Yes on them. So it's like if you know in a hot climate. Yeah I can get imagine that especially with a the pullover and the Cote yes. That's that's gotta be pretty rough as in hotlanta weather when when When she saw Harry Sullivan instead. Is that the doctor. Did you say well? He is a doctor And She stuck around just long enough to see one ending and another beginning and I was. I was explaining to her. That the pacing is Really well done this one. Sometimes it's not I said and of course when you're watching it this way You get the you know. They repeat the end of the episode and she goes well. Why and I'm like well because originally was shown once a week you know this was something and so. She enjoyed the few minutes not enough to keep watching the whole episode but she enjoyed a few minutes of it I just once again. Kinda Kinda. I'm Kinda oddly. Reassure that Jesse talks about pacing to his wife as well as us. I you know every time I see an episode A classic episode you've learned to appreciate the classic doctors even more you find something special with them And and I just love seeing the Brigadier Harry. This was just a really nice setup. I actually think the and we'll get to this but there's a couple of things that are weak plot points but when you but after watching the episode reading about it. I think that's universally agreed that it was a week pop point and they just kind of. Oh will distraught. Worry about that because the rest of the story was so strong but yeah I really liked it Charles. This was a great one to pick Jesse Jesse teasing that when John Johnny. You have any general thoughts of your own before we get into our topics. This has been a favorite of mine since Oh Jeez since I saw it on. Pbs YEARS AGO Tom Baker's might. He's my favorite dog. He's not my Dr. Peter. Cushing was my first doctor but Tom Baker has always been my favorite but Yeah this Peter cushing counts now eight was he after the time children and everything counts now did he didn't see his face though. No but but as Russell t eighty said He said with this new. They all count because he talked about that kind of behind the scenes that he thought was now out of continuity he said now they all count that because of this new change assets. I will say I love those two movies but you know he tried to get up. Peter Cushing's picture on the Bulletin Board in the day of the doctor right but apparently they took it down. Yeah Yup little funny story though This episode can be seen on Pluto. Tv All the time. This this story and I was just last week. I was had a and I get to the point where You see the Zygote his hands for the first time going over all the organic circuitry in their in their they look like little like pepperoni pizzas and all that suicide cuts to commercial because Pluto has commercials. Domino's pizza ad. I was using it. That's great that is really great feedback. That synergy right there. That's corporate sent corporate synergy right there all right so let's get into our main topics three just three this time but pretty straightforward but it did come up with some titles for these topic. Number one the hitchhiker's guarding the galaxy in this. I want to talk about the Doctor Harry and Sarah Jane Kinda use hitchhikers because hey they've essentially Hitch a ride with who they think. Is.

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