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To attract more fire from his opponents and the media like in coming days. Monaco's new york city correspondent henry sheridan. They're finally on today's program. Swearing and this is an introduction to the topic at hand rather than an invitation to demonstrate one's capabilities on this front family show and so forth a survey by the british board of film classification has revealed that people are swearing more. Well it's not like the last few years haven't given us reason quinton. I use wearing more than you might have been a few years ago. Do you think. I have a horrible feeling. The answer may be yes. I find myself aswering a swear word and instantly thinking regretting it a big. Oh my god. I shouldn't have said this in these circumstances but newsrooms which i grew up pinson on. We're terrible places for swearing in a sub editors assing journalists for their lousy copy and they probably used much stronger words than that. Although i remember once i wonder how far i can go on there. I joined the financial times on this as a young journalist on the foreign desk. And i used to have to go down to the print room where they were putting together the pages and one day. I went down there to take my shift when the prince who was sitting that and he said loudly l. Luckier a- comes little old phone. Certainly put me in my place. I treasure the recollection of the chief sub editor written absolutely appalling supermarket tabloid. I worked for an australia many years ago. Who i would quote extensively. But i don't think i can without getting the station closed down. I'm done to give us some frame of reference here and present company excluded. What was the last thing you swore it. Pabst thirty seconds before we came back trying to park. This is not a good thing to do in central london. Now i love effing. And jeff ing. I do all the time. It's like sees sprinkling salt and pepper on your food. It gives your language spice and it's very satisfying. So you can. You can't really tether out with my cold dead hands but i'm going to carry on Swearing like a cheaper. Because the reason. I asked you specifically that question was according to the survey slightly more women than men are reporting swearing. More than they did. Five years ago is there. Is there a particular reason why that would be. I'm schooling and gwendolyn not making assumptions about the age bracket in which you have arrived but it says sixty five percent of over fifty. Five's say they would never swear in public versus twenty five percent for eighteen to twenty four year olds. Now i'm going to go ahead and assume you are slightly near the over fifty five bracket the eighteen to twenty four bracket we would you swear in public and in what circumstances yes undoubtedly a complete live. They would swear in public. I was thinking daniele i. The last time i saw was actually sitting in having a cup of coffee outside the twenty minutes before the program and a motorbike went past made any no racket and i guess very loudly but it was inaudible. 'cause the motorbike made such noise so i think the last thing i swore at in the privacy of my own home was the game this morning between geelong and port adelaide in the australian football league and that was that point when it looked like it wasn't going terribly wilfred jalaun although they did turn it around lost four in public and i think it was quite loudly and similar circumstances to the ones you just listed was it somebody on a knee scooter on the footpath and you know no jury would convict anyway. Then he's all for this edition of the monocle. Daily a big. Thanks to my panelists. Today appealing dunham appellate and to monaco's msl and henry sheridan today show walls produced by carlotta rebelo and research by sofi monaghan coons l. Sound engineer was steph chun-goo. I'm andrew mullet here in london. Daily is back at the same time tomorrow your host for that as well. Thanks for listening..

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