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Hosts greta van susteren talks about twitter accounts her twitter account being hacked and talks about at will and apparently boeing's has been hacked to so they're tweeting out all kinds of pitchers and there's all these crazy screen grabs etcetera they're looking appalling count on his twitter feed centric messages from their cancer the twitter account of president trump and you know it's interesting because both of them were she left the in such left fox in september 2016 bowling was let go the same month amid the sexual harassment allegations and here they got you know got a hold of of tweets there twisting some of the tweet send they're using them to pump out a bunch of brutal messages erroneous messages turks it seems grabbed a hold of their twitter accounts back to that whole thing of protection and cybersecurity and the list is long isn't it it's long when we go in that direction it would fill up probably 10 hours of our show ari let's about charleston for a second time in charleston south carolina and i'm incredibly blown away by this four bes as you know we've been doing four nightly segments and we've been working on a book called delia own destiny i was asked to do a ted talk at this forbes summit and also add a preview that they had beforehand insiders form and so that's why am in charleston south carolina luckily i missed all that nasty weather because if they had halted a couple weeks ago the the ice was just stuck to the streets of charleston as they got some really brutal brutal weather but it's it's kind of mild chile kind of mild in the fifties but i look at the snow and i look at the ice that they dealt with in houston and the flights being cancelled like over a thousand flights cancelled nasty nasty stuff our it's hang with this coming up next conversation with philip grand he is awesome kasper beds stay with us.

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