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Hey that you have changed your place of residence i mean you don't have to do that but if you do then the you have that proof now sounds nice and sense icl it is your goal to bring the system to other eu states well guess it is i mean it would be a this entire system becomes much more powerful and when it works crossborder but that takes a long time five years ago i proposed to the president of finland that are digital prescriptions would work across borders and aid said going to go into effect next year so that six years basically uh the to the technology side of this uh we'll take a couple of days i'd say but getting it done politically takes a long time and legally and the regulatory side of things now that it's actually a fairly unique accomplishment this does not exist anywhere else where in the world uh is out to get from the they're to all of the eu's gonna take a while now it may appear odd that the government's slowly disappears when this transition to a virtual government is complete but need kinney said a straight i mean surely the real estonian government can't just disappear what happens to it though and and it's a thority mug amine israeli administration we're talking about in the european says the government is the elected cabinet um and the in the administrative side is what becomes increasingly uh transparent but also it decreases in size is kind of the bureaucratic go version of the state withering away karl marx once pro envisioned it uh but i mean think of the most of the things that do you deal with in your personal interaction with the government as your case of proving where you live i mean they're simple decisions that don't require human intervention the my own country after you a do your driver's test you don't go to the dmv eve.

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