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Had he's had a rough tour of italy and somehow that day he woke up and and and i wanted to talk about it wasn't a lucky victory right that was that was mind he went with four and a half kilometers to go that's a that's a commitment right and not only that they had the team lined up they had a plan and then he he launched his attack he made his move as we say any held it off and so the crazy thing though which just as i was watching him finish his was so steep he was still spending a hundred plus our men and i'm like what is what gearing would this i checked with my sources so get a load of this is just to me is crazy i want to know more about this because i know a lot of it's old news because we've watched him in the tour but it's it's mind blowing to watch some someone spinning their legs that fast going that so well let me just let me just for the listener let me lay this out for you right in the old days your bike probably had a big chain ring of fifty three and a small chain ring of a forty two as time went on fifty three stayed the average big chain ring size and then the small chain ring in my day we had thirty nine so if it was a hard day if it was vom to or you know some superstar uphill finish flesh whatever you would have thirty nine twenty six twenty seven maybe twenty eight thirty nine twenty eight would be like the outer limits of the easiest gear that we could have chris from this is a fact i'm not i'm not trying to guess this is a fact chris room road thirty four thirty two so thirty four for the small chain ring on the front and thirty two for the big one in the back that's mountain bike gearing yeah and so the rear cog that's that's a small pizza so raising so he really small pizza but still it's you get the point and again and again i'm not speculating here this this is straight from that camp the other two favorites simon yates and tom dumoulin road thirty four thirty right so the question chris firm had was face was if he wanted thirty four thirty two he had to put on a completely different driller so with they longer pulley that could accommodate that thirty two to chain ring cog in the back so so funny because they like he had to decide if he wanted to add one hundred and fifty grams so he chose one hundred fifty grams what does one hundred eighty next session i that's that's not a lot no one talks about grams except drug dealers and cyclists i don't know what that may i have no idea crossover i don't know i mean how much are we talking is that a notice difference i mean i don't i don't know i'm i'm i'm i'm too far out of the game but so he really has a completely different bike for that day a different setup you with the bike would be the same even if you change the pulley on the driller it would it would shift the same and act the same most people wouldn't even notice it but the to me the crazy thing is just this idea of thirty four thirty two and and i have to be honest i think in previous generations there would have been a real stigma around that right cycling always started as the macho cool things have a quote unquote straight block so you had twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen obviously went from five speed to sixty cents we now we have a lot of a lot of speeds in the back but you guys wouldn't have that would have been you would have looked like you would have looked a little lame with the thirty four thirty two if you showed up oven either taking some abuse right probably but it but at the same time if you would have showed up with an an aero dynamic skin suit on a road stage nine hundred eighty seven they would've laughed at you too yeah if you would have had a lot of the other you know and there's probably a lot of guys that intel you know the the.

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