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Bucks? Dude, I'll take pretty entertaining game for Monday night. I'll take that. Yeah, Yes. Yeah. She was like that Great catch. Remember who made it Was the woods on the sound Something like that Great catch on the sideline and sash goes man. That's a That's a fantastic catch him again, But I'm not Really pulling for the Rams here. Says Yeah. You know the ramp? Yeah, it was nice, but I was like, I kind of like to see Tom Brady marched the field here, do it. Every time I turn around, I got Cooper cuff grabbing another pass. I mean, this kid was all over the place number 10 and I got to say, Dude, I heard you mention is that I do want to get into this a little bit, which is the game ends. And it was very abrade. I mean, I don't know what to make of the book's. Actually, I really don't think this is this is a good topic for today because I've got this down as a topic. We need to get into good because I don't really know who they are, like they even drive to drive. Sometimes they look great. In another time, he looked totally despite how about the NFC in general, like I don't know who to try to open? I don't know who to trust. Let's get that something I want to get into today because there's there's Probably five or 60. I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but there's a least five teams. I could probably draw pains. Packers. Bucks, Rams Seahawks Cardinals. I mean, I don't know. We're just they all have legitimate shots, too. There's like, I don't see any totally dominant like presence. I don't know, man like NFC. You got the Steelers in the chief's I didn't tell you what I can tell you one thing calling. They're all being up on the Niners right now. Like all those teams, man, they're all that You know what I got? I got trust issues, Man. I've got trust issues with the NFC, which is maybe a good place for us to jump off here to get going. Okay? We'll get into it. Bucks and Packers is falling back and I get rolling. Your listen became BR came here from San Francisco. These sports leader, Murph in Mac on a Tuesday morning starts Now. Good morning, and welcome to the KNBR morning show with Brian Murphy and Palma Cap Bridge on KNBR. Sports leave their life from the KNP, Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Here's Murph in back, all right, we're doing it and doing it and doing it. Well, it is the Murphy Max Show. We got Adam Copeland for Murphy in today, up until 10 o'clock, and I have a lot of fun. We were just talking about the Monday night game a little bit. On. Do you know the fans going to say Copes is watching the conclusion of the game? And they had a title and drive away. Brady was taking it really hard last night. Wasn't it like on the bench hanging his head like he really looked affected by.

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