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What happens to them because they were completed it could be rose before it was bad actors clearly in every sense of the word. I mean, we will not have it. I just can't believe they rode like that so fast. Well, I don't think they thought it through. I don't think they did the back story of their characters in this particular role was shopping together to bow to stuff not great together. Not great. Do you want button? It up key. Oh, today's headline. Yes, that's hidden. The home. So. Kisha? He's coming back. That's right. That's may everybody's getting out of school. So I was just trying to be having successful academic year won't find that out to the grades. Come in. You check his great. No, why why do I need to check his berry because you just said I wanna know into they come in. But I don't check like on old. You're not on a day to day week to week. He knows what he needs to do. Yeah. Yeah. I'm on that too. He likes the chief. He's grown now. Smoke all you won't Gloria. That show that show you life buddy, you chose that path. Do you if if you follow this the grabby? Choose a lot of path. Kisha Jimmy got a tight began Becky. Big fan of Becky, we've all type. Yeah. He got type though. Does everybody? Becky is right. A piece of show. We talked about the same. Becky, well, is this a lot of difference? You use Becky and a lot of different words. That one the daughter that's down. Yes. Understood happen to own Lexus of something or. All right Kentucky Derby on Saturday. And a horse racing is not what it was at one point. But the derby gets people excited and it ended with a controversial decision where maximum security was initially declared the winner, I horse to cross the finish line. But then there was an inquiry, and it turns out that country horse was declared the winner after there was a foul by maximum security where he veered into the way some of the horses. Matt Jones talk show in Kentucky says it was the right call it start in the Tarn veering off into other lanes. We're going to get killed. I mean, that's really the case. Because the you start clipping hails on horses, and it can be a real problem any there's no doubt about it. Maximum-security veered off and that is against the rules. Now, I still think maximum security was the best horse. It didn't need to veer off if they get veered off because it got a little spooked by puddle that I think. Gave a reflection him it die, but regardless to horses, we're behind it. Cut them off. If it wasn't for the jockey of war of will. I think you could have had a devastating Powell. But I think for people who really know horse racing. It was the right decision. Even though it made a lot of people mad. Speak on behalf of all three of us here when you heard Matt Jones for people that really know horse racing. That's none of us. Okay. So the three of us are not horse racing experts. But the idea of you can't have a horse just severe out of its own line. Because if you do that, you're gonna have a pile up dead horses and people, but if his explanation or his rationale for the variance, correct, then no one's at fault. Right. If the horse got spooked because the SARS reflection a puddle as was running. I mean, the jockey wasn't trying to be, you know. No, I don't think there was any malice trying to cut people off. But at the same time, if all of a sudden, I mean, again, having never been a jockey not exactly built like a jockey stated a little chance today to junkie for like a horse is Is it gonna a win. win the whole idea is that it's his responsibility. Because it wasn't that the horse took one step to the wrong direction. It it just started to run away. I guess my question would be how do I know then I'm getting in somebody else's lane. Because first of all there's no lanes. Right. And if I'm, but key I would again, I'm just assuming here of you..

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