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All right i'll pass the message along. Aright last one for the month here Dear evan hansen coming to theaters september. Twenty four th based on the tony and grammy winning musical about a high school senior with anxiety learns to accept himself after becoming friendly with the family of a classmate who commit suicide. You know these kind of musicals more than i do. Are you familiar with your evan hansen. I don't really know the story that. Yeah it's it's it was another sensation and ben platt. I mean this. This kind of delivered him to stardom his father. I think is mark plaid. Who produced wicked and probably produced this as well but Ben platt became. You know like one of those stars like wouldn't rent came out. And everything. Or i mean i guess even like lin-manuel type you know so she's a big thing but it kind of worries me because you know have. We seen one really translate in the last few years from stage to screen. I mean hamilton's incredible. But that's just a pig. That's just the show right right. You seen one like a recent musical sensation. That's kind of really hit it. You know we have mixed mixed feelings about in the heights so you know. I don't know man. I know the music can be good. I know he's a good actor you know he's clearly too old to be playing a high. Schooler it's different if you're doing it on stage but with the close up just like come on man. No one believes that they've been making so much fun of this movie on twitter and my favorite meme was. It was a picture. It said. Ben platt after going to the beach. That makes you old from the movie old. And it's two pictures of him and but it's the same picture and that's that's good. Yeah that is very good. you know. what's the position because he's the guy who made this role famous. And you know this is. I'm sure in development and catapulted. Is he more important. The show or is the show more important to him. I feel like they've they both kind of elevated each other so he deserves a chance but like yeah he just looks way too old to high school and it looks like you know the way that amy sedaris or erskine play highschoolers in their shows. You know so i love. I love strangers with candy as a puzzle piece for this course. It's not right all right. So i did. I did devote musicals. We talked a lot about him. But i picked yet another another going deep this month. Dave world's greatest dad with robin williams right. Do you ever see that. I think i did that. Might have been bob cat. Goldway through directed. But it's basically a robin williams plays like a writing teacher and he's not a very good writer but that's all he wants to do is be a star writer and his son commit suicide and then he takes credit for the writings of his son. You know you would like that movie. I think so. Yeah it sounds good. And dave talking about. There's this whole theme in here about like you know. This kid is now dead..

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