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Ball on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and Now Here's Charlie's death. Freddie Freeman exit on the left side facing the burly right hander from the White Sox. Lance Lynn three fielders on the right side of second pitch That's downstairs. I talked to Freddy Freeman pregame down in the field, and he told me it is true that he was hitting about 2 20 his son, Charlie. It's kind of a social media star. At this point, Charlie is the one of them. Outside, Charlie said to him, Dad, you've really got to start playing better. I need you to make the All Star game so I can meet my favorite player Fernando talking to swing and a pop foul out of play off the left, Freddie said. I looked at Charlie and I said, So. That's why I got to make the All Star team so you can meet Fernandez. He's like, Yeah. So he got to meet him yesterday and then again today and they hugged it out. Charlie was really Lance Lynn, ready to to one hit hard on the ground on a bounce. Guerrero picks it up sprints the first steps on the bag with the right foot Freeman a one hot bullet, but he's out nice little lot of movement there by the bitter Vladimir Guerrero Jr. One thing that's been impressive about him defensively for the Blue Jays game earlier this year, he made a couple of plays over at first base, and I said, Wow, this guy's not just standing out there until his neck How bad he is a two way player, not just a great hitter. We saw that line drive back up the middle. Almost took Max surgeon head off in the first inning. But he thinks Brydon defense well, one down, and it'll be Nick Castellanos, a L one and L. Nothing and the pitch that's in for a strike. The nick Castellanos plant blend The guy works, kicks and flat swang in a miss from.

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