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Eight eighty three investors my brother David masters and there is a bad moon on the rise right now let me ask you something you're listening to this radio show right now you're obviously concerned about what is happening in our world today you have to be if you are not a statue made out of marble you have to be concerned would you take a vaccine if somebody walked up you knocked on the door and said Hey we've got a vaccine that is the cure would you believe it would you take it not me in a million years David would you take it not on anyone's life I wouldn't know I mean I'm an anti VAX and I always I do believe I do believe that the doctors and it is just because some of these doctors are on fox news but the doctors that are out there that start by standing near the you know the state capital of whatever state they're in you know they're out there with a bullhorn or just out there saying what they've got to say saying we are being lied to we're being lied to and deceived they are not just on fox news people there at the capitol of your state saying this outside because the media is only giving us crap is only giving us lies on it fox is one of the only another's newsmax there's there's a few but as far as the mainstream media fox is the only one that's giving us the opinions from these doctors that are worth a damn and most of them will say you know that the that they lean on the side of of caution yes we all have to be cautious nobody is saying just like Chuck Norris said and whoever else they they also yes we know there is a virus out there but all these lies were being told about how many people are dying in the kind of the job that I've been doing is you know you hear about the guy skydivers parachute didn't open he died of coronavirus you know anybody that dies these days they're going to put on their coronavirus because it's a money grab well I am only money grassy a report few days ago that the state of Colorado had revised down their numbers by over two hundred now that everyone actually right they're revising down their numbers because they're doing the the proper investigation of the autopsies on people that died but I want to go to an article now that where doctor Nicole sapphire she's the real pretty one that's on fox news quite often she says that it is not reasonable to demand that all Americans be tested and to be given a vaccine or a or a vaccine be developed before opening up the country and here's what she says here's the article says very estimate Kratz and started left wing figures such as governor Gavin gruesome I've changed his name Dr Ezekiel Emanuel and Bill Gates have linked a resumption of economic and social normality to formulation and mass administration of a vaccine for the Nobel virus sapphire said it's completely unreasonable to say that we are waiting to open up for the vaccine because that vaccine may never come and then she also said urging the use of social distancing but here's what I saw I saw the twelve feet isn't enough because if you cough your cough can travel at least twelve feet so this whole social distancing I want to call it socialist distancing because that's what it is it's designed to divide people to keep us apart because you know what United we stand divided we fall that's right that's exactly right they're trying to divide the country and this is what civil war as you know fathers fighting against son and brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor it's a sad situation they were it's a bonus right now I mean literally it's upon us based upon this I have some amazing audio that I had to capture from our favorite Tucker Carlson and in the first clip it there's a series of clips here where he also goes into this with doctor Marc Siegel who for the first time I've ever seen Dr Marc Siegel become let's just say here motional yards to his cronies expanded up we start with Tucker we start with Tucker exposing Dr fab he and his friend Ted roast now listen to this you're gonna slip your mind according to recent reports Tetris to direct orders from the government of China and delayed calling the virus a pandemic when it clearly what's and yet there is one person who has long always through thick and thin but a fervent fan of Tetris and that's Dr Anthony Fauci ten jokes is really an outstanding person I've known him for the time that he was the minister of health of Ethiopia I mean obviously over the years anyone who says that the W. H. O. is not had problems has not been watching the WHL but I think under his leadership they've done very well he's been all over this I was on the phone with him a few hours ago leading a W. H. O. cool but when that time in Ethiopia that he's gushing I've known since he was in Ethiopia that's one to address was helping to cover up multiple cholera outbreaks for political reasons not really what you want in a World Health Organization director but what we have seems a bit much so I I got to say Hey this guy deserves the most prestigious award for reporting he is the most honest person in the media he's the most bold and he has the most courage anybody exposes these people but you know what thank god thank god we've got Tucker thank god we've got people you know dare I say like us that are willing to put everything on the line because we are the first ones are going to attack we're the first ones like I told you guys out there you know when you go to the to the state capital and you're carrying an A. R. fifteen and you've got a you know a three fifty seven magnum on your hip and you've got a a of the strap of bullets and you got a bullet proof vest you're wearing camel you're sticking out like a sore thumb in the nail that sticks up gonna get hammered down if you go out there and all you're trying to do is make a statement visual statement you know like that you're putting yourself in harm's way but not much good comes from it because you look like you look like and I gotta say this very careful you look like a crazy right that's what they want you don't want us to look like a crazy the reality is you should go you should go float like a butterfly sting like a bee but don't take your stinger out if you know what I'm saying yes don't it's like I I'm not afraid of a fly but I'm afraid of a loss okay so if you show up they're gonna swatch you down but if we show up like flies on them they can't get us all that's we got to do is be a swarm of locusts and flies then they cannot take us out for just being flies but they can if we start looking like a crazy with bullets and guns strapped all over our body we look like a terrorist it's very dangerous very dangerous for people to get angry and and not know what to do with that anger however they want us to be angry I mean this is the idea that you're imposing restrictions on people is if there were five years old you know you can't do this you can't do this you have to wear a mask you have to stay apart from people this is insane let me tell what my head hold on before you go that my two year old grandson came to the house the other day he was like every little boy playing in a puddle of water and money came and got him and said come on and now it's raining we gotta come in and he was having such a blast I mean being a little boy just stamping in the puddle and getting himself all wedding course you know if he keeps on doing that is gonna be soaking wet he's gonna catch a cold and and and maybe that's good for Manitoba mom added now so she brings into the house and he was a warm feeling I don't know what he was and so on all I hear of course I hear this will like all my what good is it I thought I thought she was tearing them limb from limb and I went over there and I said hold on now compared we'll pick yep let's let's go here let's do some in course the thing is that the noise he was making it seem like he was going insane right and here's the thing is if you want to look like that person that looks like they're going insane you're going to be put in a straight jacket and taken away and then everybody's going to get crazy here there are fifteen what's next gonna don't do that don't fall to temptation the anger don't be that little boy I know you cannot stop in your mud puddle right now but it is not a time to go crazy and have everybody look at you like you're going crazy what Rudyard Kipling say keep your head about you when all else are losing theirs and blaming it on you keep your head about you Hey man I've got an idea a good idea we could we unite we gotta start making these.

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