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They were it up to the gate, and as Gwen was about to knock the Bishop mentioned another just tiny detail that he had forgotten earlier. So every night that has ever gone into Carl's castle has died all eyes turn to the unbelievable Bishop. Yeah. He was really sorry. Didn't mention it earlier. He was just happy to be contributing K laughed. So what this was just some guy named Carl. They were K in going to the bravest knights in Christendom green and Bishop Baldwin looked each other Sharona glance that said about half of that statement was true go in and Bishop Baldwin looked at each other sharing a glance that set about half of that statement was true K continued saying that if this Carl tried anything they beat him to within an inch of his life and take his castle because they're the good guys going stared at K and picked up the hammer hanging on the chain to knock on the door. If Carl let them in and gave them food in bed for the night. They wouldn't touch him seriously. This was the middle ages in hospitality was still ridiculously important. Hey, guys. How can I help? You a Puerto greeted a few minutes later through tiny hatch from the other side of the door going bowed low before the man. Saying that he beseeched the Lord of this castle to give them shelter for the night. The porter scratched his forehead looking back to the castle side. They wanted him to talk to Karl look they'll like nice respectable nights. And all too is going to level with them. Carl Carl was not a nice guy, man. He didn't do courtesy your chivalry or anything like that. If they stayed the night there. They ran for a bad time and not like lumpy bed and still continental breakfast bad time. But the port will be dragging out their bodies in the morning bad time keeping his hand to his sword. Declaring that he wouldn't trade words with a porter anymore. It was raining. He was cold. He needed to go. Take their message to the Lord of the castle. Ooh. Once again, really feel like you're not hearing me here. He's not a lowered. I wouldn't call him a Lord within earshot. He's Carl and don't stab the messenger doesn't really have the same ring to it. Well, whatever. It's your literal funeral. I'm sorry. You've come here and by morning, you will be too with that the porter closed the hatch after a few moments. He L to the men of of the wall to raise the gate Carl had granted them his hospitality. G- Wayne k and Bishop Baldwin all handed off their horses to people who wouldn't meet there is if all the porter into the main hall as soon as there is just into the light they froze what what was that? There was a cheer face facing a fire a large high back chair, it was massive. And it was the least interesting thing about the room because flanking the chair and seated around the fire were four animals a full grown bull a bear a boar and a lion. When this all the visitors arrive there rushed them like an eager dog. Russia's a guest. Unfortunately, there were slightly different from an eager dog in that the Barron line were snarling. The bull was snorting and the boar was wedding his tusks against the floor. To sharpen them for the kill immediately..

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