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The day up 823 points. Flying dog brewery does vodka now. I'm Jeff clay. It's four 48. Traffic and weather on the insulin Dave dildine in the WTO traffic setting. In the district, the closure of south capital street and the Douglas bridge between Nats park and anacostia park, having a only localized traffic impact freeway traffic through southeast and Southwest is heavy on three 95 between the 14th and 11th street bridges, but not much worse than your average afternoon. In Maryland and Virginia, volumes on the beltway, I 95, along with the VW Parkway, typical of a Friday afternoon, two 70 southbound, slow Watkins mill toward three 70 in the long-term work zone. I 70 westbound between the south mountain and Hagerstown exits. Near Hagerstown exit 32 route 40, only a single lane of traffic gets by a crash westbound drivers in delays beyond myersville on 70 on 50 toward the bay bridge, eastbound, not so bad two way traffic, westbound, traffic is slow from castle Maria road off of Kent island. On the westbound 50 service road to go north on I 97 a crash slows the pace on the service road and the ramp that comes off of 6 65. The eastbound ramp is not affected in Virginia, just slow on 66 westbound, near center hill, three 95 through Springfield, and 95 southbound lorton woodbridge and in Stafford county and stretches of slow moving Friday traffic northbound also congested through Fredericksburg, city limits. It's been a while since you've taken the bus or train. A hobble board and let nova's public transportation providers get you where you're going safely, rediscover your ride at nova rides dot org. Traffic. Mike's Jennifer, what's ahead for us this evening and over the weekend? It's looking pretty good across the race, especially after our plants is the weather's going to be fairly quiet for the next several days. Still some cloud cover here in the air cross region

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