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Influential players. You had Changed the game basically through the actions deeds and results that was. That's the premise of the models of australian motorized. Choose the best to the best Guys on the local sane drivers on the local sane whose fame and name will enjoy the time long after they their tied in the case of a couple of them. Long after the past So it's not only results it's Did they move the game along. Did they change the game enduring. And did they do other things in the sport. If we stop pre super casts who are in your opinion the immortals pre suit because i pray fog late deterring costs will i think Days bob giant is number one. He was Star of the sixties and then built the funded time long after he retied achieve so much and jewish. Today he's name. Everyone knows giant a lot of people because of his name applying being applaud to the business still in the family. Bub giant-ais mott's jingles at he pretty much every time you turn the radio on. But he shaves saimaa. Watch on and off the track bulb giants. So he he's number one in my book and then ellen moffitt is the next. And one of the most intriguing characters in motorsport history allen also up had a lotta dealings with alan over the years and there are definitely to allen's says the one you speak to one guy who charming and is the one you speak to the knicks ian style. You've never met him before he some. He can be caught abrasive but equally at other times and and also when you get to know him his early charming and and sensitive man so just intriguing characters wrought through a strain modus foot. So i had had a great smoggy spoke to choose from these massive knives Brock and moffat almost go hand in hand for the arrival rate and the net was taken. I've abbad broken. Johnson and those rivalries feature threw out the book they do In the case of The brock moffat rivalry that drew. Sign many people to motorsport in this country yet. The the ultra charming ultra People's champion the the. Halden draw the paid abroad cup against the enemy. The go i l and mauka who was prepared to where the black hat at times. They've now he was the hero. The ford hordes. And then as you. Cy young when moffitt stepped out of the fords Dick johnson god-loving came along just when he was naked and he redo the united the motorized in the early ninety nineties. But with each of those guys in each of those drivers. I look at what they did for the sport. And it's all. I have a chapter along chapter on page brackets. This not only run through his career. Show is be a bar graphical details. It was what did pay the brook to for strain motorsport And i think if there was no peter. Brock with the sport is popular withhold sold as many 'cause would ba'athist and supercars these popular these days just through his magnetism and the number of people that he A drew to the sport. Got them watching the television coverage got the met the rice tracks so. Yeah the poops. Not as i said the book is not just about the correze and what they did is going to the boy graphical stuff but it's it's much boreham telling the stories of the ice dravis to drivers that feature in the supercar era certainly came to the world the bracing world's attention and the general populace is attention into very different wise. One craig lowndes the the smiling kid that i jumped out on the piji ninety four bathurst and then on the other hand you have the greatest during cabdriver vol- time jamie wing cup. Who was a slow he was he was lance. I now i would imagine that most of your listeners. Craig would be well aware that craig lowndes shocked to superstardom the cayman argonauts sensation. It ba'athist in nineteen ninety four when he lost john bell late in the rice after a restart And past bow around the outside at griffin's bend at the end of mountain straighten announced himself to the motoracing world and he was a stott it and everyone went wild this kid whereas he comes from. This is fantastic. How awesome but odd. I know that a lot of you'll rate is sort of your audience would know that the reason he came to driving the car the young new co-driver on debut driving the car lighten. The rice is that he's co-driver that bread giants had to putting a double stint early in the rice I'll try to recover. The cost position because craig lands very nearly threw it awake and he was quite slow in the wet lands and admits that and something else happened where he very nearly crushed the cau- And it was bred jones as the lead draw the who got back in off the lenses stint and did a double stint on the middle of the rights to drag that car back up. And get it back into contention then for the final stint lance. Go back in the car when it was never the plan any start and he deserves all the accolades. But i reckon cry. Glands needs to buy bread. John's slab of beer if he hasn't already been to say thank you so much. What even fewer motorized fans now is that Ran about midday. When lands was doing his first stint and the track was still greasy. He had a massive spin at the top of the mountain at solman park. And over the years you craig has seen a lot of qasr crush. Their most caused that spin crushed that hit the wall. That's-they ended their rice. Somehow random me dyke in non ninety four to one thousand nine dice. Craig lands had a spin and got away with it. Somehow he did not crash. Imagine how that would've changed motoracing history if lands. Actually it hit the wall at that point what. You've got another opportunity because you have to think of what happened to cameron mcconville The year before he was driving for dick johnson. He had a at a crash at the top of the mountain. I put a condos back yee's But lands had a biggie. He got away with now. I put that to. Craig lowndes a few months ago Sorry lost you. When i was researching the book and i interviewed him myself. And people ask you about this and about the spin. Your head Early in the rice and he said nor.

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