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In that city that they got him out of whatever Dominican hospital. He was in and they got an stable enough to bring them up to Mass General where he had yet another surgery. And now I do believe still in ICU. But in good condition. And apparently, he's going to be okay. In the hours after Ortiz's get shot these Dominican cops district attorney people like that. They put out a thing that said. This was a targeted attack. David ortiz. First of all, the initial reports were all wrong as to how hurt David Ortiz really was. So there's a lot of shoddy reporting. But if you go back and look at it the police department everybody came out and said, no, this was an attempt on, on David Ortiz and terrible for our country. This past week, they came out meaning the officials in the Dominican Republic. Now mind you there were rumors of David Ortiz having an affair with a Femina who may or may not have been connected to a Dominican drug Lord. There was the report out of there about David Ortiz that few months ago, his car was run off the road to the point to where it wrecked and a fire near fire department. And the people in the firehouse came out to help David Ortiz, but nothing was ever reported. So you'd say that, that was covered up. And there were a lot of people who in the aftermath of Ortiz getting bucked by some dude on a bottom autumn motorbike. That, that said, well, you know the whole connection to this Dominican drug Lord and whatnot. And, you know, if it's really connected to the drug, Lord, then there, will there won't be any charges because apparently everybody knows there's a big drug Lord in the Dominican Republic. But apparently, the, the cops are all of this guy, or they can't bring him down and the part of the initial reporting and sort of the statements that were coming out from the police when the whole shooting went down said that it was dirty cops or former cops who were hired as hit men. And then came the press conference this week, where in the Dominican, they said, no, no, no is a case of mistaken identity. And there are eleven people who have been arrested in a plot. That was supposed to go to killing a guy who was with David Ortiz LA that night. The old line comes back. Don't pee on my shoes and tell me that it's raining. Come on now. We ain't that dumb Dominican. Like, we ain't that dumb y'all are free to this drug Lord. You're trying to protect the integrity of David Ortiz relative to his country. And you know what the Iki as part of this is. David Ortiz wife, Tiffany. Has been the one who has been releasing statements about her husband through the Red Sox..

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