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And he reached a three hundred fifty point. Six average on the two holes tore actually used to officially measure driving distance, so people might not know this, but in order when you look at the driving distance cystic the way they calculate that it's not every drive. They just pick two holes in every tournament and then they just take the average of all of your drives on those two holes for the week. That is your average. His average on those that's statistics specifically was three hundred fifty point. Six yards was his average. That's crazy down the ladder. Total is the longest achieved by terminent tournament winner since. Since, shuttling began tracking in two thousand and three surpassing tigers mark of three hundred and forty one point, five yards, the two thousand and five British, open and Saint Andrews, which baked out links, Goff, the ball rolls forever and ever and ever ever rice into this at like a park land course up in Detroit..

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