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You know what houston defensively can put multiple defenders on lebron and make you very tough on him oh but offense the juggernaut of golden state they don't have the firepower to match okay what if chris paul doesn't play for houston in the finals or plays limited minute can lebron beat him now it balances out that's a little too why because they put lebron can say in moments i'm gonna guard jason i'm gonna guard james harden for the third quarter for sure if there's no chris paul braun can do what he did to derrick rose i can't guard him for the game right all garden for nine straight possessions no doubt about it and for me chris paul has always been for this team this year james harms the mvp no doubt about it but chris paul is just as valuable that's the reason they have the record they have james has been able to take breaks periodically throughout the game and allowed sit back and allow chris paul to take over don't players like chris paul no idea but you gotta love a guy guys don't like him but i you know what is the guys that compete against him because he's one of those guys i'll just say that he's on he gets under your skin watch chris paul play the game he's a irritable he he's irritant he gets underneath you and it's just enough trading card it's chris paul seen trading incredible that printers would put that on the card but to play with him has to be a pleasure because he plays the game right way he puts his players in a position to have success as a point guard he's one of the best we ever had i had an argument with eric bledsoe who was better chris paul or john stockton i'll put both great they're great because i put their stats up very comparable all defense.

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