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Look at the markets now Jeff clay bar The value is up 204 points the NASDAQ's up a 103 money news in ten minutes on WTO Sports at 15 and 45 Powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red What's up George Wallace Well Debbie the wizards not up right now as they head to the trade deadline Having lost 8 of 9 lost bad last night to the heat at one 21 one 20 and have assistant coaches heckling are confronting heckling fans behind the bench so all things not going well right now for the wizards As the heat shoot 56% from three of the other big stat of the night the wizards missed 24 three pointers trade deadline in two days who's coming who's going stay tuned could be an interesting next 48 hours for the wizards as they got to figure out what to do Virginia gets the win of the night at duke with .7 left free speech they hit the three just the second three pointer of the night hit by the Cavaliers but they win it 69 68 Tony Bennett team handled the moment Yeah you have a tendency sometimes to make this bigger than it is when you come in here because it's an unbelievable atmosphere You know you grow up watching it but we just said be laser focused to start and play our game in battle and I thought the guys did that Yeah they did And they got a huge win on the road at two last night by one capital's home tonight They will get Alex Ovechkin back He's on the ice skating this morning as they host Columbus George Wallace to meet TOP sports All right George up ahead on Why this weekend's Super Bowl will be the most bet on event ever I'm John doeman It's 1117 Want.

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