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I think he's absolutely worth it six over all. And he's probably someone Gettleman would like better as well. So I think if one of those who were on the board that probably the pick. Although I I would think edge is the next most likely. And and probably sweat over burns. Although I would probably personally have it the other way around. I like Brian burns quite a bit. I still do like sweat. I just like burns a little more. But I think as this draft falls, I think maybe since none of those guys have been taken. You wonder if one of them is going to be available at seventeen or if in just one of the another edge rusher worthy of that seventeenth pick is going to be there. And we'll have to see as of this recording of we do not know what the rest of the NFL writers did it between pick six and seventeen. So a we're going to be back when that pick does happen that pick will then be again put on Espy nation. It'll be on big review. We'll be back to break down whatever pick. That is. We don't know. I would assume probably we in towards edged there because you almost have to at this point. And again, that's part of drafting best player available here. And that's that was part of. Ed's reasoning for this pick. What he said was. I just feel like the position doesn't matter. The giants need point makers all over the defense thought white was the best one left. So again, I I could see the giants believing that I think that starts to force your hand allayed or in the draft, and that could make it a little bored difficult down the line. And I think that's just kind of how this pick starts putting the draft in that motion. Yeah. And personally, I. I would go for an address her at six and look at Devin Bush at seventeen who I actually really like I think he does work well with Ogle tree because he is a little bit undersized..

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