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Thank you guys for tuning in to the gmc sports podcast. I'm your host. Noah dunlap and so far on the show today we've talked nba playoff second round. What we've seen what we know what we expect moving forward. We've talked college football playoff expansion. Is it going to happen and if it does happen. Is that good or bad for the game. We've looked at major league. Baseball's latest controversy being foreign substances and sticky substances debt pitchers may or may not be using on the mound. And now. I want to close out the show today with a little bit of college baseball as promised at the end of the segment. I'm going to give y'all a prediction for all eight super regionals. That get started later today. But before i get to that i want to break down. A little bit of the coaching carousel. That's already underway in regards to college baseball. let's go and start with pulmonary out at lsu for those of you who don't really pay attention to college baseball all that much. I know it's sport that goes under the radar for a lot of people. Pulmonary is the head coach at lsu has been there for. I think it's fifteen years but he's been coaching for thirty years or more. He announced his retirement. Prior to this year's nc double a. tournament which opened up the lsu job and the reason that's important is that lsu in regards to college. Baseball is one of the best jobs in america so with that job openings arising the kind of became who does lsu look to go after and there are a lot of names that are out there. Mike sullivan's name popped up for those of you. Who don't know. He is the head coach of florida. Right now. I don't like that being a name that actually gets done. The reason for that is mike. O'sullivan has built something at He's won a title at florida. I don't know why you would jump ship to go from gainesville to baton rouge to me. That's too much of a lateral move. And i can't see that happening Another name that popped up as pat. Casey pat casey longtime coach at oregon state. One up leave. it's three titles. While he was dp vers up in corvallis. The problem is he retired a couple of years ago and he is now facing scrutiny for one of the recruits that he recruited to corvallis while he was still the head coach. The guy's name is luke. Heimlich touchy story won't get too much in depth in regards to that because no one quite knows what happened there. But let's suffice it to say that luke. Heimlich got accused of some stuff when he was back in high school up. Leave it was that is completely unacceptable very illegal. And let's leave it at that. The issue is pat. Casey to me is being blamed for this and it isn't his fault and the reason i say that is what happened with luke time luke and let's go and tell you luke. Heimlich is a guy who did not get drafted the year that he graduated from oregon state despite the fact that he was the best pitcher in america due to the fact that major league baseball organizations of franchises decided data want deep baggage that he was bringing the reason. I say this is not pat. Casey's fault is because what happened with luke. Heimlich and the individual in question. Because i'm not going gonna go in depth into what happened with heimlich and that whole situation but it got sealed as do all records when you turn eighteen luke. Heimlich was underage. When this happened if this happened so that record was sealed it only came out because a reporter up there in oregon actually brought it out. No one really knows why we're talking about a kid here. Were talking about a report that got sealed. Y this is coming out. no one knows. That's an entirely different story. That's an entirely different situation but pat. Casey ended up basically with a black eye over that entire situation. Even though it's entirely plausible that he knew nothing about it because luke. Heimlich record was sealed at that point. And you knew nothing about it. So i think that's unfair to pet casey. The problem is with when you have. Lsu who is already having all different types of title nine situations as is. I don't know that you can bring Casey in with even the slightest bit of questionable activity on his behalf there. So that's the only reason pat. Casey doesn't get this job kindle. Rogers over at d. one baseball actually hinted at this and said. Lsu was interested in pat. Casey the question is whether the lsu board of regents would actually approve this higher. And quite frankly i have my doubts which then brings us to who's lsu going to hire. It isn't pat casey. If it isn't mike o'sullivan there's gotta be a name. There are a few assistance out there that they could go after And then one other name is ole coach. Mike be anco. Might be anco has had success. At ole miss. It isn't quite de success. That i know a lotta people down in oxford. Would've wanted eve only bend omaha once in your twenty years that you've been a coach at ole miss all of you. That have listened to me before. Y'all know i'm an ole miss student. Yawn a huge amish guy. So i love mike bianco like the success. Not what you want. But he did basically build the program. The problem is his son. Plays for lsu and he played for lsu in college so the connection is there it would be interesting to see whether or not he would be willing to take that job if lsu. Come calling another name. That i don't think is a farfetched. Option is tony patillo over at tennessee. He is built tennessee into a national power..

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