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We're unmasking Americans, if they're caught up in some type of conversation and the government has very strict rules about how, the minimize those calls and then after minimization they never revealed the. Identity. Of an American I'll. Tell that general Flynn because that's the exact, opposite of what happened in his case why would you win and passenger? Ever need to unmask a person a day in the lead up to the two thousand sixteen elections we never got answers to that so there's a lot, of questions about the abuse of power, because we have the most powerful tools of? Intelligence and we also have a constitution and we also have a fourth amendment against, unreasonable search, and seizure and then you. Add it to okay we'll call me and page and struck and all these other people the. Evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible and in fact Hillary Clinton had her? Investigation where she committed all these crimes violated the. Espionage espionage act a class Case. Of obstruction of Justice and all these people got together and they decided right write an. Exoneration before they even did their investigation the same person at the heart of interviewing Mike Flynn and then doing a phony interview with. Hillary Clinton the ever so arrogant. Peter Struck it's getting interesting now Lisa page appears to be contradicting him behind closed doors and saying everything you're, reading in those text messages reading, xactly as you think they read yeah we wanted to stop him, and yeah we had an insurance, policy, and yeah this was about us using, the power of our positions. To rig a primary so she. Could get through, it an investigation so she'd survive because we wanted her to, beat the ever so loathsome Donald Trump I think Donald Trump might have a problem with those people and those type of tactics and the, fact that that can happen in the United States of America and then we're gonna. Turn our sights. On, Donald Trump himself and we're going to build this big Russia collusion narrative and everything in between and at the heart of that is going to? Be, another trumpeter by the name. Of Jim, Komi and Jim commes involvement in all, of this going to be interesting to see where he ends up legally by the time all is said and done and, then if you look at it you take it even a step further than that Well then we're going to let Hillary Clinton we're so upset about the influence of. The Russians I haven't heard any of the people that are so outraged here over the fact that the president wasn't strong enough with Vladimir Putin on meddling in the, two thousand sixteen election it wasn't his watch why aren't they, mad at the people who watch it was under but putting that aside for just a second what about the twenty sixteen election and Hillary Clinton and the fact that she bought and paid for Russian dossier after she funneled money through a law firm into a op research firm into the hands of, a foreign national Christopher Steele. And the bulk of information to get, of warrants against an American citizen American citizens perhaps Came from her bought and paid for. Russian lies that they. Then tried to pedal to you the American people so that you, would be manipulated and voting for her and. None of it had been verified none of it? Had been corroborated none of it ended up being true and that is Russia and influence in an election that was bought and paid for by a particular political party candidate and the media that they can't even find it within themselves to see outrage in all of, this Anything Donald Trump is is the worst on earth anything. Hillary does as well Hannity while. You're talking about Hillary she's not the president because it's a flagrant double standard I happen to have a lot of faith and belief in the need for strong intelligence but if you're gonna put these tools in the hands of individuals that have political agendas Then we've got. A big problem because then you're risking all of the foundational, freedoms that we expect in a Democratic Republic and all. Of these issues have been ignored and all of the typical groups now that are piling. On Donald Trump and I'm sure won't accept this clarification from today not that it'll manner It won't matter because the American..

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