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Wcbm business. This is Len Walter. With your US job growth slows. In October, the unemployment rate took a drop at the Open The Dow down 26 NASDAQ the same the SNP down three Hi 72 today. CBS News Special Report. We're getting some new numbers now in the presidential vote count, but the contest are close. Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump in Pennsylvania Kyi. W's Tim Jimenez, Georgia at 5587 Vote lead for Joe Biden over President Trump at the moment. According to the latest numbers here in Pennsylvania. A big part of this is Philadelphia. The latest batch of Philadelphia number of the counting also continues. In Georgia. There are just over 1000 ballots still outstanding. They're Biden is ahead by 1100 votes. John Dickerson on what this means for the Biden can't Georgia and Pennsylvania are two very different places he can claim. If the numbers stay where they go, I am up into very different parts of the country that his success is more broad. Biden has 253 electoral votes to President Trump's 213 were also still watching. Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina. CBS NEWS Special Report. I'm Cami McCormick this portion of the news sponsor by Friendship Village. BBM News time. 8 30 to Corona Virus cases rise in the city. The mayor is extending a helping hand to restaurants and bars, according to Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr Allison are witty, the average number of new cases of covert 19 per day is approaching 1400. Sitiveni rages 10.9%. That means more than one in 10 of the people being tested for covert right now are coming back positive. That should be less than 5% and it Wass. But now it's been shooting up with no signs of slowing down. Mayor Laurie like.

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