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I really yeah I really rely. And then I thought and that didn't really go anywhere either but then I thought. Oh maybe it's maybe I should be doing so I just kept making shorts. And then eventually some features to and what was the first one. Was your money away. Yeah that was twenty. Six died haven coma ball well so basically. It's the movie your mother your wife. It was as a micro budget through The providence used to have this program called first feature which is like a micro budget program and so they had it for four years and we were the last one and then the provincial agency agency shot during the tax credit the agency or the is well I I. It was the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation but then it changed his name to film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia so the anyway the movies about this guy. His girlfriend dump some he goes out and gets drunk And then he it's cold it's wintertime so he breaks into a garage and sleeps. There wakes up and then the people in the garage are about to go do a home invasion. And they think he's the guy who's going to they met on the Internet. Who's going to help them? Write some and I and so the the. I don't know if I should say this but I'm going to so it came from this fact that my brother knew this guy impact. Oh County who had a few drinks one night and went into this garage. I guess it's breaking enter and slept it off and then stole a coat from this garage because it was cold and then he went home and he called my brother's like what do I do with this code and I just always thought that was a ridiculous picked. Oh cownie story and I thought it was funny and I wrote it down and then it just sort of you know. I had this idea about like like I don't know why like I. I'm very straight laced and I've had a very sheltered life so I find things like cocaine funding and like they're kinda not but I like I have this very kind of you know sort of and I think about particularly like you know you. Think ABOUT CERTAIN BRITISH COMEDIES. That you know farces and so on that were a big influence. Anyway that's where that came from so that was in two thousand fifteen. I really enjoy the thanks. How long you should that for. That was fourteen days. I think and Oh in winter which I do not recommend. Yeah well I guess we should winds I kinda get people see there the cruiser more available. So that's certainly helpful. And you can. Sometimes you know they might give you a deal on their rates or that sort of thing and it had gone pretty well but Yeah I don't recommend winter making my first my film five Paul. The thing again is kind of when he's wins. I kinda get people to Walk Stuff Ball Eve. You working wins Trying to shoot inside as much as was well. That's the other thing too the Steph. We shot outside. Most of the film was in one house inside but we did shoot some stuff outside and it looks great but I just remember standing at the monitor outside thinking. I wish I didn't have to be here. I'M GONNA LOSE FACE THOUGH. If I go in. The crew are already judging me. I can't go inside and it was so cold. Oh God so now what are you? I know your current well before you meet Your under life. Yeah the one with the kid from the future from and then came through. And how did the Mobile I was? I was in Glasgow in my thirties. Walking home one day I had gone to see a movie and I was walking and I thought if the twelve year old version of me could see me right now. He would be so angry. Because I'm still in this crappy little town.

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