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Commute by ferry may see more delays as the ferry system struggles to keep up with unplanned maintenance issues the follow ROY Vashon Southworth fairy is running on a reduced schedule. This week the third boat is being worked on and there isn't a backup boat available the Mukilteo Clinton route is also running with just one boat. A rapes virus says she's willing to take on the legislature to get. A Bill passed that would ensure all rape kits are tested. Komo's Keith Eldridge reports it's increasingly challenging, but knowing what's at stake makes it entirely worth it. Because Stephen says it's important to put a face to the survivors of rape. That's why she's willing to publicly testify at the legislature on the effort to quickly test kits of evidence taken from rape survivors, and to get rid of the backlog of ten thousand untested kits. The Bill prohibits the destruction of untested sexual assault kits until June thirtieth of twenty twenty it sets the turnaround time for testing at forty five days beginning January of two thousand twenty one. It extends the statute of limitations from one to two years to prosecute the person. They believe did it and it puts up thirteen million dollars for new lab testing equipment and staff. That's komo's Keith Eldridge reporting. The Bill now moves to the state Senate the state house version of the prescription drug price transparency. Bill went before the state Senate health committee yesterday supporters, call it a good step toward protecting consumers from unfair drug pricing data little while the Washington state pharmacy association said if they really want to get to the heart of drug prices, they should look at what are known as a pharmacy benefit managers. Those are third party contractors who little says are given control of prescription benefits PBS create design implement and administer the prescription drug benefits. Ppm set the patient co payments and co insurance amounts essentially, dictating what the patients are going to pay for the cost of drags. The Bill remains in the Senate committee process, a pregnant woman in Portland and her unborn unborn child. Have reportedly died from the flu. The woman died after going to the hospital earlier this month and had even gotten a flu shot public health physician. Dr Richard Leman says this year's flu shot is only likely to give you a forty seven percent chance of not getting sick. You says it could be because if he particular strain that's going around that often causes.

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