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Weekend edition. If it's important to you It's on and probably being mocked by the news junkie. John God would he was somebody broke the mood on dead and gone with marching song. When I go, just put death by rock and roll 55. And I was wondering how many times you think they run through that halftime show. You know, Like how many times you think they practice the halftime show with all the stuff that they have going on. I feel like a decent amount and probably not on site. They made one time on site You have like a practice facility or something a lot for sure No. One Beyonce did hers A few years ago, they had like a behind the scenes. Thing, and it was like in a warehouse and everyone was in a practicing is probably even little sections to before marching band where you have a band in the band's about to go on tour, and they just run out like this big place and they go They like walk through everything that they're going to do before, and I'm pretty sure because they have to rent a big space to put the show on him and set up the stage and do the whole thing especially With tours that are heavy on like dance numbers, stuff like that. So I remember. I saw Britney Spears at Starbucks wants because she was in Orlando, and I'm pretty sure she was rehearsing her tour at one of the sound stages is universal studio has got the big Area for that there's also like convention halls of probably could do it, too. So there's not winging going on here. They probably dozens and dozens of times. They're doing front to back this entire performance, so they really minimize Any kind of things that could go wrong. I mean, that's why I always think when I When I watched the Olympics and I see the opening ceremonies, and you see, like the huge groups of people playing music and all choreographed together, I mean, they must have spent months trying to work this out and the weekend. I'm sure has been working on this for an incredibly long time because it's such a big production. And when I saw the photo, it was a weird photo for a couple of reasons. It was J. Lo behind the scenes last year. She was a performer right for last year's aboard from the block and Chiquita, so she and should cure I believe are are in the tunnels underneath the stadium, and they're about to come out and they're surrounded by the whole crew. And the first thing you think it's like, Whoa, look at all these people without mass on and you realize that this was before all this nonsense really broke loose. And you look at them and you go. Can you even imagine the stress of that moment? We're about to go out and perform And if we screw up, there's no net man. You're you're going to make a fool of yourself in front of hundreds of millions of people, not to mention if you screw up something bad, then that's going to go doubly triply viral afterwards. That's why a lot of the Super Bowl halftime performances have been They use a lot of backup. You know, they use a lot of I wanna wants a lip sinking but tracks the track so that in case anything goes down You have producer DJ in the background. Just put that channel up a little bit more. One of those many people they've gone, too. And they said, Hey, we would love do you love to have you perform at the Super Bowl and they go? No, It's like too much stress. I wouldn't want to take that on that. Or maybe they want to take the high road and say, like, no, You know, we We would never fake a performance like this. Like, remember that Chili Peppers did like a guest spot. None of them even plugged in their guitars just to show everybody plays guitar chord going into it. I remember one that always stuck out to me was when Michael Jackson did, and he did it Incredible halftime show. Uh, at the time, it seemed like you know, it just seems weird and creepy, but because he did, like, heal the world and there was there was a card stunt in the stands where they showed Like Children, holding hands all around the bowl on bond. He had Completely fake or completely turned off headset microphone on much like Britney Spears or Garth Brooks. Would you sure? Yeah, And then, when he went to address the crowd, actually, like using a live microphone, they handed him a microphone handed him a microphone. And he said, I love you Children is beautiful thing. Everything is great. And then he hands off to party at my hands, many hands off the microphone and somebody like why use the one attached to your head and continues to lip sync into the fake microphone? Yeah, There's a lot of pressure that I wouldn't really blame somebody for lip sync and honestly, normally, I would like If I go pay to see you live and you're putting on a concert live, whether it's a stadium or arm or intimate show. I want to see you play it live, even if it's not exactly as it it sounded on the recording. But if I'm watching or fun playing the Super Bowl if I was in a band playing the Super Bowl, I would absolutely consider not having to risk as many things I didn't have to resolve. The Ashlee Simpson is sure. Yeah, whatever I could rely on to make sure I didn't look like a fool. So lots of pressure as that momentum builds. Speaking of Ashley Simpson, did you see What her sister Jessica Simpson tweeted. When the whole subway thing came out, I saw that there was something other. But I didn't get the story of the subway lawsuit That's saying, you know, this is definitely not tuna or whatever. And Jessica Simpson said something like I get it at subway. It's confusing because she said, uh, chicken and Aceveda she may have been a Trailblazer on that just a trendsetter. The White House is making some moves. Friends. They've got a plan and there wanna tell.

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