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It's a really think about it that way. I look at it for myself to like. I was only thinking about football baseball. You know i wasn't thinking about. And then when i thought about football best the rising get the longevity side of knew about it but it didn't really hit me like this right for you to to do with it. Yes you're literally. I don't even want to call it second nature like that's i nature for you. You know what i mean. The thing is that you do is something. That's a part of you. That's who you are so right. I can understand that you appreciate that. But i like i said for you all. I really sat down. Wait all your options and looked at laid it out and said like what can i basically you know. I'm already fascinating. Need to slow down. And i know One of atlanta. Rapper said this in a song longtime ago. Chris he said. Why don't you take it slow. Walk down a hill and get all you get everything. Get all the money. Or whatever he was missing in our that he spit But it was something like you know. Take your time way options because it is video game world business. I we've had guests on here have been part of big companies like twitch and stuff like that and we talk about you know the fast rise of a shout caster or eastwards appro and take your time because you have so many different outlets after lou being a eastwestberlin then once you're you know you could be extra peak at twenty or twenty five so you could be on the decline because just because you age out because the games is started so young. I mean started at five six years old. We we had a. We had a guest on here skeptic who was east for its pro at sixteen right now but he's been playing since he was eight. The oh so take your time. Make sure you got a nice gained glass before the thing you know before that when it might be over. It's not over because you're not at that level but also just a piggyback on that man like to me we're in we're in age of hybrid create something out of nothing. There's not just that just does managing things like a manager can also be your narc and also be your publicist. It can also be you know what i mean like. There's so many different things that you can tie into a job title so even in a twitch world or when you're gaming there's so many different avenues you can get into licensing in sinking music. Creating having people create a soundtrack for your stuff. And maybe do something like you said. You've never heard these rap lyrics. You got all these platinum plaques from things together and finding other ways to the jury as well. He's wondering what i'm saying. So there's just so many different ways to tap into different different avenues and different revenue streams and create new platforms for people to Merced things they left to do so. That's utah martha music. Side there with the video game size the same thing you could be eastwards. Could be shout caster or you can work behind the camera. Work on audiovisual. So that's what i let my. My players noah lakeland say look this eastward thing is is one thing but then you could be this this and this is for other things you can do along with doing and some of them already. Do it already learn how to juggle all these different little tasks and that's something that we are doing here. A lot of us you know. Been in john. They got other jobs that they end up juggling along with this podcast. But that's the beauty of a platform. Mike which platform like spotify and other foreign help musicians like yourself. Get your lyrics out there. Get your bars out there..

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