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CBS Meghan, gold's be ahead of this weekend's comedy day in Golden Gate park. The city has officially changed. Sharon meadow to Robin Williams meadow right now, we're moving onto the KCBS sportsline. Bruce McGowan is here you talking east baseball as her opening up a three-game set against the very. Good Tampa team. It's not going to go to the postseason, but they are fifteen over five hundred they won eight of the last ten as are not gonna gain in Greenwich the Yanks because New York is rolling over Toronto nine to nothing in a seventy Andrew mccutchen. Bashes. Third homers, a Yankee Houston and Arizona knotted up to two to the fifth as and raise tied one one in the top of the night. Both teams got single runs in the fourth rays have been as they call it bullpen in using seven pitchers tonight at one Jackson with the first five before Oakland the as of used three relievers since giants are hoping to snap an eleven game losing streak tonight. They'll take on the division leading Colorado Rockies. Chris Stratton on the hill Tyler Anderson for Colorado that game should be getting underway in about half an hour NFL action Sunday raiders after that ugly home opener this past Monday night in tough against the Broncos in the mile high city, Jon Gruden knows how difficult that Denver defense will be they got a great defense. Nothing's changed. They want a world championship with pretty much the same defensive unit. They still have. And they've added Bradley Chubb a very good pass rusher. They're a formidable outfit. On defense. But I think case keenum is the guy we gotta be most concerned with I think he's a very unheralded quarterback he's giving them some consistency and some play making at a position they haven't had since Peyton Manning left. Jon gruden. Meanwhile, the Niners host Detroit in the home opener for San Francisco on Sunday veteran defensive back. Richard Sherman, though, not happy with the way the Niners played last week in Minnesota frustrated I stayed with the loss. You know? We we we play better we could executed some things a little bit better defensively. I think as a whole as a team, you know, nobody satisfied with that. You don't you're not satisfied by with. Hey, man. You almost got him. You know? I mean, I don't think I don't think any kind of winning football team satisfied with that. So we look forward to getting a bad taste out of her mouth. Yeah. Good to have Richard Sherman around. It'll be game to check out down at Levi stadium sports at fifteen and forty five on all news one. Oh, six nine AM seven forty KCBS now warning over seventy five percent of Americans.

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