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Check on traffic trouble. Here's Bernie biter burning. We get some big issues this morning. The Bronx is closed in both directions. This is going to be between third avenue and Webster avenue. Six car crash ongoing accidents investigation, if you're traveling on the westbound side, you're stop back from the Bruckner on the eastbound side is busy back from the Alexander Hamilton bridge. It's going to really start to affect the inbound upper deck of the George Washington Bridge right now delays of right around fifteen minutes or so Lincoln and the Holland at ten minutes, and we have word that the Brooklyn Bridge is subject to closure in both directions with some police activity as well. So definitely keep that in mind. This report is sponsored by Dell. Dell's biggest president's day sale ever is officially on shop amazing early deals on Dell and alienware computers with Intel core processors right now, let's get free shipping on everything. Call eight hundred five L now or go to Dell dot com slash president's day. That's eight hundred L our next traffic. Updates and fifteen minutes on seven ten W O R R news. Brought you today by Calvary hospital where life continues call them at seven one eight five one eight two thousand. Save money on gas every time you puff again. Drive. You have to get gas right yet. Download the free get upside in PayLess for guests than everyone else. Save up to twenty five cents a gallon. Every time you fill up use promo code four bonus twenty cents a gallon up so forty five cents a gallon on you. I fill up. Get. That's promo code promo code Bank. Why are you still paying full price for gas? That's crazy yet. Download the get upside app right now and save up to twenty five cents a gallon gas back every time you use promo code thank for an extra twenty cents a gallon for up so forty five cents a gallon cash. Back on your first fill up the free. Promo code.

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