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Hello everyone and welcome to talk nerdy today is monday november thirteen and i'm your host cara santa maria now this episode of talk nerdy is brought to you by simple contacts super easy way to renew your contact lens prescription or reorder your contacts from anywhere you can get thirty dollars off your contact lenses by visiting simple contacts dot com slash nerdy and entering the promo code nerdy it's a really exciting episode that i've got for you guys today i actually get to talk to the illustrator and animator behind abreu ran new series called the secret world of animal sleep it's on smithsonian earth and i was lucky enough to do the narrow vision for it and orally beat lee made it beautiful and so we're going to dive intel all of that really soon you can watch the first episode for free right now at smithsonian earth dot tvcom slash sleep so i highly recommend you do that maybe you can even have it open while you're listening to the podcast but before i die vin guys i want to thank those of you who have made talk nerdy possible this week and that includes those of you who pledge your support at patriarch dot com slash talk nerdy that's filty bear timothy glover rob shrek pedro amroussa aerial barbosa jeffrey peres charles pay it jonathan right christian jeffrey steward oak the honorable husband jae f gabrielle philippi had a meal gonzales brian holden and jeffrey sewer and there are so many more of you who helped support the show i want to thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart okay one more piece of business before we dive in guys i am travelling to australia and new zealand i'm actually recording this a couple of days before i leave because it's going live on the day that i'm going to be visiting there and after australia and new jersey.

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