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Thank you, Nancy, you might recall worked for Pete senior, and then Pete junior at colony marine, and she retired eleven years ago, and one of the Pete's probably senior called her and said, hey, you gotta come we're doing a broadcast from the port, call restaurant at almanac harbor club where she used to work. And then, so a lot of people who've come and gone in the boating world, certainly know Nancy, and she sends her love to all. All of you. Meanwhile as I watched the coverage yesterday of the helicopter that crashed on the roof of this rain, shrouded midtown Manhattan, skyscraper the equitable building. Brought back a lot of memories for me when I was living in New York. And at least one helicopter went down at that time, and it was a it was a, a traffic copter. And I it's in my mind with the hearing, the woman's haunting voice saying hit the water hip to water, hit the water, and they did hit the water. But both of them died that was a long time ago. So I kind of relive that New Yorkers relived nine eleven in a lot of ways and covering that story for us in New York City are WJR correspondent, Steve castenbaum and Steve, a lot of memories came back of not good things at the beginning of this, this, tragic accident yet Paul W the imagery was a quite reminiscent of what happened almost eighteen years ago. At the twin towers, you know, cruise of firefighters rushing to skyscraper carrying rushing up into the building after an aircraft that crashed on the roof while the occupants of that building try to evacuate quickly, but the stairwells were quickly crowded, and what should have been a fast evacuation to longer than a lot of people would have liked as they came down? You know, fifty flights of stairs, the helicopter that crashed onto the roof. The officials later said that there was no indication that it wasn't act of terrorism. But there are still many questions to be answered a why did this pilot choose to take off from an East River heliport in rain with a low cloud ceiling of the cloud ceiling was beneath, one thousand it was between five hundred and nine hundred eight usually that range in which helicopters won't fly. It was raining yesterday. I took a path down the East River and then back up the Hudson river for some reason, and their reports that he radio to heliport on the Hudson river that he might have been having problems, and then he cut across Manhattan. And this is why I wear things start to become questionable. Why was he over been had turn over the city of maybe seeking landing at the Hudson river heliport, if he was having a problem, this particular part of town is restricted airspace, because Trump Tower is nearby. But then there's also, you know, the possibility that maybe he was having problems couldn't control the aircraft well and managed to crash land on top of a skyscraper in order to avoid injury. On the ground below to try to avoid hurting people on the street and sidewalk. So all of these questions will be looked at as the National Transportation Safety board begins its investigation today. You know it's funny because I it went from in. Usually people saying on the scene. This guy could be the greatest hero ever, because he chose to crash into the top of that building and kept it from crashing down on the street where there would have been tremendous number of casualties. And now we're hearing that people are questioning why he was flying where he was flying in the first place over that some of the nation's most restricted airspace. We just don't know it's all speculation at this point in time, and it's going to take some pretty good super sleuth to figure this out, it is an employee, w some video emerged yesterday of a helicopter over the East River that that may have been this helicopter, but it stopped one hundred percent clear if it was, it's hard to tell, you know, the, the visual aspects of through the rain in the fog at they're, they're not fantastic, but to see this helicopter initially acting erratically and losing out the too quickly before regaining level flight and then just moving on out of the frame. And into the clouds with their belief that it's the same helicopter. But we just don't know yet at this point. All right. Thanks for the update. Our WJR correspondent, Steve castenbaum in New York City. Thanks steve. My pleasure. Have a good day. Hugh to seven forty three..

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