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Seventy newsradio owning a little cloudy little fawn around the area this morning otherwise sunny skies today temps will be in the seventies maybe up to eighty along the beaches near ninety downtown a little breezy this afternoon could be able to south west about twentyfive downtown la right now at sixty nine seventy one long beach seventy and the five day forecast coming up in less than ten minutes knx l as police chief has held a public forum the goal of the forum was to figure out how the lapd can strengthen its relationship with immigrants muslims the homeless underprivileged youth you name it police officers are competent to handle such a melting pot of diversity she says she wants chief michael moore to commit to putting the community i he says it is one of his top priorities but he needs help from residents says he directs his officers i'm convinced that they're doing their best job but what i need to hear from our communities is how to do that job better what are the actions that we take that and they may interpret as more of undermining that trust rather than building it residency with chief more at the helm of the lapd they'd like to see fewer police shootings if any they want minimal cooperation with federal immigration officers and they would like an apology for the department's previous wrongdoings cooper rummell knx ten seventy newsradio federal judge reaffirming his earlier ruling that the la county sheriff's department did violate the constitution by holding jail inmates longer than their released as between ten and fourteen because of immigration violations the department at us the judge reconsider the decision which cleared the way for a number of former prisoners to seek monetary damages but he did reject all the arguments in la county sheriff's deputy has entered a standard not guilty plea to putting a gun in his eight year old son's backpack and sending the boy off to his mother's house a caretaker found the gun the charges include misdemeanor child abuse and endangerment his attorney says it was an accident so we have the story yesterday the eric garcetti is was in colorado giving a speech and all the la times is suing the city of los angeles because they say the city is not handingover records showing just how much the taxpayers have paid or have been paying i should say for eric garcetti security detail during his out of state trips the paper says garcetti has spent about a third of his time out of state in just the last year but the lapd says disclosing the information could put the mayor and a security team at risk as you know the mayor is considering a run for the presidency five oh nine at knx they are one of the biggest pop bands in the world right now the korean pop sensation bt s and l a police confirmed they are now investigating a depth threat against one of the members the k pop sensation has shows coming up at staples center threatening posts on instagram mentioned you mean and the september fifth show an lapd official says police are actively investigating but will not reveal whether the source of the alleged threats has been identified fort worth police in may said they were looking into a reportedly similar threat mentioned the band september sixteenth show in that city the group's agency big hit entertainment has reportedly issued a statement saying regardless of the of the threats we plan to do our utmost take all necessary measures and responding to actions that may threaten the safety of the members club skew knx ten seventy newsradio the new thirtyseven million dollar youth dollars state fund aims at putting an end to school or to the school to prison pipeline for california youth every year tens of thousands of young people are locked up for low level or status offenses such as petty theft or running away rather than locking up our children we must begin investing in our future assemblyman reginald jones sawyer says the youth reinvestment fund will be used to divert us to community based organizations where they can get help in lieu of jail approached by cops when he was just eleven while sitting on a bus waiting to go to a youth mentor ship program this man says he nearly became one of those thousands one of the officers said to the other one they said just put them in the system put his name mrs let's just do it now a.

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