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I'm sure adversaries off the trail. You know maybe the russians and the chinese working on stop so we're gonna feed them a fake documents So who knows what. We just have a few minutes left. I mean this. The book the believer please purchase. This book You can get it on amazon. You can go to wrap blumenthal dot com but Is there enough case studies or other research of john max to make another book or is everything in this one. Well i'd like to say everything. In this book. I his his archive is huge and luminous and it is not public yet The family has not john mack institute. Let's say is legacy and the family has not put these documents out yet so the public research When when they put out I'm sure there's stuff there. I know this stuff that i haven't dealt with That would be very interesting to scholars. So i would welcome. I'm not proprietary. I don't want to say no. I'm the final word. Nobody else can ride around right. I welcome further research So there is more material here And i i like to think. I skim the most important parts. And you know the main part of it. But he's a fascinating character Not in my book or anywhere else public certainly on the the actual interviews. He did with many of his experiences. When i came out later publicly that's public When they were on tv showing within public when he interviewed people in in therapy sessions counseling sessions. Those obviously confidential and some of those people have never come out under their real names so they would not be happy. No that this material is is out there. Even under a pseudonym it's not out there so that material will will probably always be confidential. Probably should be our last question very important question here going in as a journalist. You know i've i've known a lot of my friends that were journalists. They go into like a story as journalist kind of mid ground believe or not believer but after researching and studying his cases. Were you a believer before and if not. Are you a believer now. Well i i like to say i really. I actually put this on the new york times that i don't like the term. Believe i use it in the book because i say john was a believer in earthly justice. Right being -rageous and pursuing. You know the questions but it's often used jarred really like you're gullible. You're just a believer and First of all you have ots not a question of belief they we now know they exist ray off physical been tracked by the navy and radar imaging devices and pilots have seen them. So you know you could ask well. Do you believe in the moon and sun. You believe in the ocean right so you know. Yeah i believe in. Ufo's because it's not a question belief so that's why they now again alien. Abduction is such a complicated question Accounts of by people who otherwise eminently sane Have no easy explanation. The obvious things are off the table. They're not crazy. And you know hallucinating. Not making it up and not seeking publicity For all the reasons i said before The obvious nations don't don't compute so what's left we don't know it's it's a mystery Hopefully science can come to the rescue. We investigate everything else. We you know we send radio signals up to you. Know it's the cosmo look for a response. We look for the doc matter and dark energy. The universe ninety five percent of which is an mystery. We look for hidden particles that make up the cosmos. We look for all kinds of things. Spend billions of dollars. And this is what i and my book with story of how we spend all this money scientifically to try to get answers or we're not spending the same money to try to figure out what's going on with these people. Isn't that true what we need to do. Yeah so i don't. I don't know what the answers but what we need to keep looking for. Well roth thank you so much. This has been great. And i've really enjoyed having you on the show. And i can't wait to next week For your workshop and lecture please come back and we left i. I'd love to touch on because you've written so many. And congratulations on a great career. Thank you tony real pleasure to be with you. Got me and Everybody thank you for joining us in every friday and supporting us sharing our show commenting We appreciate it. Youtube subscribe iheart apple. That subscribe leave some positive comments. Those are always the best and Until next time. I'm tony suite. With truth be told. Don't go anywhere. Because i have another interview right.

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